Friday, November 17, 2017

Ubuntu Update: Get Firefox Quantum Update Now in Ubuntu + Ubuntu 18.04 New Icon Theme Confirmed

Ever since 3 days ago I have been saying thank you firefox but that thanks weren't complete until today when got a notification that recently released Firefox Quantum 57.0 is now available and is supported on Ubuntu versions. No matter what version of Ubuntu version you are using, the official repositories got you covered.
How to Get Firefox Quantum Update Now in Ubuntu

How to Get Firefox Quantum Update Now in Ubuntu?

You have 2 option of methods you can apply and get the update. One of them is by going through Software Updater directly from GUI or run the following command: 
update-manager -d

This will invoke the Software updater to run checks for update. You will be then showed all the available software that is updatable, including Firefox. Now install the updates to get the new and faster experience.

The second method you can apply and get the lates Firefox Quantum 57.0 in your Ubuntu machine is by running this command, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade.  You will see the upgrade as it progresses, now once the upgrade is completed, you can go ahead and enjoy the speed of light of the new Firefox 57.0

Ubuntu 18.04 New Icon Theme

As you know, Canonical is teaming up with the community to develop a new default theme for Ubuntu which could start shipping from the next Ubuntu 18.04 LTS release, but it seemed like the guys at Suru Icon theme community beat them to it and has been finalized as the default icon theme for Ubuntu 18.04.

Sam Hewitt, the Suru Icon theme creator wrote 
“I’m very happy that the Ubuntu desktop team reached out to me about making the Suru icons the default set for Ubuntu 18.04 and beyond.”
Personally, I love Suru icon themes, and I am really really looking forward to seeing it in the coming Ubuntu 18.0

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