Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Run Windows Apps on Chromebooks With CrossOver

You will agree with me that one of the biggest limitations of Chrome OS's biggest is the lack of powerful desktop applications compared to the likes of Windows and macOS. Fortunately, CrossOver on Chrome OS Beta is hoping to bridge that gap. Truth be told, this great limitation of ChromOS didn't make it grow less over the years. 
Run Windows Apps on Chromebooks CrossOver
It has gone from an affordable computing solution for the classroom into something that's also practical as a daily operating system for a lot of people. And now that there is a real chance of running Windows Apps on ChromeOS, I can boldly say that it will surely grow higher in the coming years.

Previously, Crossover was existing as an invitation-only application and was as of then called CrossOver Android Technology Preview. But with the rebrand CrossOver on Chrome OS Beta, anyone can now download the app to their Chromebook from the Google Play Store but there is a small cash....

You'll need to be using a Chromebook with an x86 processor and running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above, so as to run CrossOver on Chrome OS Beta. This small requirement wouldn't be a much challenge as a lot of current Chromebooks meets these two requirements.

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Over 13k Windows applications that are compatible your device, starting with Microsoft Office, Quicken, and Steam, etc will automatically be made available, once CrossOver on Chrome OS Beta is downloaded to your Chromebook. You will also have an option to downloading other apps within CrossOver if they aren't officially supported.

For now, CrossOver on Chrome OS Beta is currently free to download for anyone that wants to give it a shot. But I can bet that it will no longer be free once it's crossed the Beta stage. For now, the pricing and when the free usage isn't announced yet. So this is how to Run Windows Apps on Chromebooks CrossOver

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