Be Informed And Earn: Revealed: Android 8.1 Can Save Space by Reducing Cache of Inactive Apps

Monday, November 13, 2017

Revealed: Android 8.1 Can Save Space by Reducing Cache of Inactive Apps

Another problem faced by Android users besides fast battery draining and consumption is the problem of low storage space. Google too understands that and that is why they made an app called Files Go. Though the app is way below the standard of apps I'd imagined from Google, but it sure comes in handy for an average or an ordinary Android phone user. Still, in the headache of fixing low storage on Android device, an XDA user has spotted that Android 8.1 can save space by reducing cache for inactive apps.
Android 8.1 can save space by reducing cache for inactive apps

The feature has actually been there but was known to a handful of people until when it was made public. It will come as a relief to users who are always running out of storage space on their phones. The feature will be full-fledged in the coming Android 8.1 update which it's (Android 8.1) developers preview is already out. The feature once it is completed and pushed to Android Oreo compatible phone, will make the phones to be able to detect and shrink the amount of storage used by some apps when your device is running low on free storage space.

Basically, here is what that means: if you haven’t used an app(s) for a set number of days, Android will consider and mark it an inactive app. And the operating system will free up disk space by basically removing that app from your device’s Dalvik compiler cache. That means when you do run the app(s) again, it’ll need to be re-optimized. 

It also means that you won’t save any space if you do regularly use every app on your device. So this feature probably isn’t going to free up a ton of space on your device. Be that as it may, if you’ve got a phone without a lot of built-in storage, every storage megabyte counts.

While we wait for Miraxess Mira PC Mode to turn our Android phone into a PC, it is imperative to note that there is a downside to this new Android feature. The sad part of this good and amazing Google Android Oreo feature is that it could take a while before we start to see this feature on most Android phones. It won’t be widely available until Android 8.1 is released, secondly, most existing phones are not Android Oreo compatible and will probably never receive an Android 8.1 update.

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