Be Informed And Earn: PostmarketOS Linux Distro For Smartphones is Coming Soon

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

PostmarketOS Linux Distro For Smartphones is Coming Soon

The idea of running Linux on smartphones has been in existence before now, but recently, some tech companies, gadgets, and smartphones makers have been adopting the idea especially since after Purism unveiled Librem 5. At first, it seemed impossible until the hit their $1.5 million funding, shortly after that, Samsung made it known to the world that they plan on making their latest smartphones to be compatible with Linux using Samsung Dex. Now recent developments have revealed that another Linux Distro called postmarketOS is on its way and will be supported by variety of smartphones.
PostmarketOS, according to github's Olliver Smith, is based on Alpine Linux distro, which is a security-oriented and lightweight Linux distro. Alpine Linux needs 5-6MB for base installation. postmarketOS has an aim to bring a ten-year life-cycle for smartphones, so that they can continue to receive updates. In the announcement post, the aim was made clear: “Bend an existing Linux distribution to run on smartphones. Apply all necessary changes as small patches and upstream them, where it makes sense. ”

Olliver Smith discloses that he doesn't intend to restrict users to one user interface. According to him, users can switch or use different interfaces like GNOME, Xfce, KDE, etc. The postmarketOS will be first made available to Samsung SII and Google Nexus ten followed by other  Samsung phones, Motorola, LG, HTC, etc and the list of supported devices will continue to grow.

The development of this Ultimate Linux Distro for smartphones is still in its infant stages. but We’ll be keeping a close eye on this project and keep you updated with the latest improvements. You can also follow the postmarketOS blog for development updates.

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