Be Informed And Earn: Alas! iPhone X Face ID Can Easily be Fooled Using a 3D-Printed Mask

Monday, November 13, 2017

Alas! iPhone X Face ID Can Easily be Fooled Using a 3D-Printed Mask

Apple's latest iPhone X that costs a fortune thousand dollars can easily be fooled by a 3D printed mask. This flaw was brought to light by Bkav, a Vietnam-based security research firm. This was the same iPhone X that Apple said during its launch couple of weeks ago that they worked with professional mask makers and Hollywood makeup artists to make sure their facial recognition tech doesn’t fail when someone attempts to beat it.
iPhone X Face ID Can Easily be Fooled Using a 3D-Printed Mask

But now it is certain that so claimed fool-proof iPhone X isn't so fool-proof as we thought. Bkav have taken an effective approach to bypass Face ID tech which uses 3D depth sensing to analyze the facial structure of a user. To fool and bypass the iPhone X 3D screen ID, the security researchers used a custom mask that is a mix of 3D printing with special processing done around cheeks and face. The is nothing special about the mask, in case you are wondering. As a matter of fact, both the nose and skin used in making the mask were hand-made by an individual artist. And all of this was done to fool Apple’s AI-powered Face ID tech.

Don't go thinking that fooling the face ID of iPhone X is a walk in the park, Bkav revealed that it over 1 week to build that 3D mask and it cost them $150. Another thing you need to understand it that AI to learn over time, so there is a great possibility that the iPhone X face ID won't be fooled by a mask in the future.

There are also records with states that Wall Street Journal and Wired Magazine have both previously attempted to fool Apple's AI-powered face ID, but were both unsuccessful. The record remained unbeaten until Bkav decided that it will no longer remain unbeaten, and became to the first group to fool iPhone X face ID and nullifying Apple’s claim that a mask can’t be used to fool or bypass iPhone X's Face ID while at it.

This development now shows that facial recognition isn't the most mature and safe guaranteed security option for computers, smartphones and anything digital. The security research company made this record today after a decade they first demonstrated the insecure nature of facial recognition tech present in different laptops.
Apple's iPhone X isn't the first highly anticipated smartphone with face ID that got flawed publicly. You could remember that Samsung Galaxy Note8 failed to differentiate between a real face and a photo. And I believe that Apple will respond to this flaw promptly and give a fix to it. Or they will launch a bug-bounty program just like Samsung did.

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