Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How to Take Screenshots on iPhone X

If you own the new iPhone X, you must've thought or attempted the default method of taking screenshots iPhones, but no physical home button on the phone makes it impossible to do so. Hence the old method of pressing the Home Button and the Power Button for taking a screenshot in iPhones won't work.

The reason is that Apple started making changes to the button combinations of their phones starting with iPhone 8 series, and these changes became most significant in iPhone X. So a bunch of iPhone tricks like taking screenshots, force start or reboot, etc that used to work on previous iPhones won't work on iPhone X.

How to Take Screenshots With iPhone X?

To take screnshots with the new iPhone X, press the Volume Up button and Power button together simulteneously.

No might want to practice this a few times before attempting it so as to properly get a hang of it. 

Do not HOLD the Power button and Volume Up button for too long, because it will quickly attempt to trigger the Shutdown screen and the Emergency SOS feature, neither which I am sure you wouldn't want.

Once the screenshot is taken, you will hear camera shutter sound in background with is pretty the same on every smartphone and the image that was taken in screenshot will be save with 1125 x 2436 px, making a large and tall image. 

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