Be Informed And Earn: Near Share in Windows 10 Let's You to Wirelessly Share Files

Friday, November 10, 2017

Near Share in Windows 10 Let's You to Wirelessly Share Files

Microsoft has already released Windows 10 Creators Fall update and week's build comes with a new feature called Near Share and of course other improvements. It allows users to wirelessly share files to devices that are within a certain range or vicinity using the Bluetooth. You can call it Microsoft's version of Apple AirDroid, but sure does a pretty good job of sharing files at ease. Microsft Near Share feature is only available on Windows 10 Build 17035 so you can do well to upgrade before the free update window ends.
Near Share in Windows 10 Let's You to Wirelessly Share Files in Windows 10

How to use Near Share in Windows 10 Build 17035

Microsoft Edge, Windows Explore, and apps like Photos, etc. can be used to share files across Windows PC, seems quite easy, right? the catch is that both the sender and receiver must be running the Windows 10 Build 17035 before either of them can use near share to send or receive files. Another thing is thing is that you will first visit Microsoft Action Center and turn on Near Share.

Things That Can be Shared Using Near Share

You can share web pages with other people that are running the Windows 10 Build 17035 using the Share button in Microsoft Edge. It is present in the menu bar, next to the Add Notes button. Just click the Share button and look for nearby devices supporting Near Share. File, documents, multimedia, etc can also be shared using Near Share. The receiver will then get a notification on his/her PC once the sharing process has been initiated.

Another upgrade which was seen in the Creator fall update is that Microsoft Edge now comes with Mute tab option which lets you mute a browser tab Mute let’s mute the volume of an entire web page to prevent unwanted noise pollution due to auto-play videos.

How to Use Microsoft Near Share in Windows Explorer

To share a file, photo, or video,:

==>>   In My Computer or This PC, go to the folder where the file exists.

==>>   Right-click the file you want to share.

==>>   Click the Share option in the context menu.

==>>   Here, if you and your friend have Near Share turned on, you’ll see the name of the device to which you want to send files wirelessly.

Finally, the receiver will get a notification on his/her Windows Action Center asking for confirmation.

Don't forget that Microsoft Continue on PC is another featue that was introduced in Fall update but it is essaintailly used to sync your work accross devices.

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