Be Informed And Earn: How to Prevent Your WhatsApp from Getting Hacked, 7 Proven Ways to Improve Your WhatsApp Security

Monday, November 27, 2017

How to Prevent Your WhatsApp from Getting Hacked, 7 Proven Ways to Improve Your WhatsApp Security

One thing is certain, the only hack-proof data is the one on paper, so unless you have a way of pulling some Huddini tricks. That being said, 21st century is the century of data and information technology, many technologies ideas are being invented and the existing ones are being improved, upgraded and made even better. But in some cases, the addition of these new features opens a new day way for threats and vulnerabilities. For instance, when WhatsApp was just available on few devices, you'd barely hear WhatsApp spying or hacking or whatsoever.
7 Proven Ways to Improve Your WhatsApp Security
Now WhatsApp has added tons new features and more devices are supported, while some older devices are no longer supported ranging from Nokia to Android and Blackberry. Even the WhatsApp web that was meant for users who wants to use their PC for chatting is now questioned due to some newly found security flaws. So that is why I have taken time to inform you on the officially approved and proven measures you can adapt and improve your WhatsApp from being hacked or spied or whatsoever. Remember that no one is more responsible for your security than you. So without taking much time, let's dive into it.

8 Proven Ways to Improve Your WhatsApp Security

1.   Enable 2-Step Verification

How to Prevent Your WhatsApp from Getting Hacked

I am certain that it's been over 1 year now since WhatsApp introduced 2-step verification, but you'd be surprised to learn that not up to 50% of the whole WhatsApp users have this feature enabled. And if you spend a lot of time on WhatsApp writing chats with your friends and family, it'd be a big problem if someone hacked into your accounts or read your chats without your consent, and you wouldn't want that to happen, would you? So why not go ahead and enable your WhatsApp 2-step-verification by;

going to Settings >>> Account >>> Two-step Verification >>> Activate. Follow the steps to create a six-digit PIN code that is easy for you to remember. You can also add an email address that will receive the code in case you forget it.

2.   Disable WhatsApp Chats Backup

Before now, WhatsApp chats can be saved as backup on phone's internal or external SD card, but it seems like that option isn't available anymore and I know that chats backup come in handy when you switch to a new phone or re-installing your WhatsApp. It was designed to retrieve your old chats history or retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages, but for security reasons, you need to have to disable it.

The reason to disable this backup is that it is not encrypted. That means there are chances that a hacker could gain access to this copy and read the data. So if you are concerned about this possibility which you definitely should, all you have to do is go to Settings >>> Chats >>> Backup. 

There you can select how regularly your conversations will be saved. Choose Never to deactivate it. Remember, however, that this means there will be no way to recover your conversations.

3.   Watch Out For Scams and Fraudulent Links

7 Proven Ways to Improve Your WhatsApp Security
I am 100% sure that you've seen several links that are being passed around in WhatsApp, some will tell you to click this link and activate the next free WhatsApp as the free version will end by 12mid-night. Well, hello, WhatsApp is free for life!!! and if they decided to monetize it, they would make it known in their official website and social media handles and I am sure that users will get personal notifications upfront.

Some of these links even convinced users to signup for a free video call, even long before WhatsApp actually rolled up video call options to beta testers. While some will send misleading messages that promise you, for example, access to new colors for WhatsApp or six free months of Netflix. 

All these messages have been created by cyber-criminals who’re trying to steal your private data and access your account or to sell the information to third parties who I am sure wouldn't use these details to return your long lost heritage and fortune to your home address.

4.   Inspect Security Codes

Once you initiate a chat in WhatsApp, a security code is created. As long as you both have the same code, your conversations will be secure. But if they are different, it'd be safe to assume that a third party has secretly accessed your chat.
Proven Ways to Improve Your WhatsApp Security

Select the profile picture of your contact in the chat. Then select Encryption. The code that you get should be the same. If it is different, it means that someone has managed to hack your chat.

5.   Activate Security Notifications

It didn't stop at inspecting the security and listed in option number 4 above, you still have to make sure that the security notification of your WhatsApp is enabled. You can do this by going to Settings >>> Account >>> Security. It's ok to ask your contact to do the same so as to be 100% covered.

6.   Use the Official WhatsApp App or Web Client

WhatsApp is a very popular app and it can easily modded into any version if you know how. However, it is sad that these modded WhatsApp ships more interesting features than the stock app, so I can understand why you'd want more than just saying hi and sending files with tons of limitations. So you'd be like, why settle for a few stock features when you can get more from the modded WhatsApp.

It is advised you always download your apps from trusted sources, like Google Play Store for Android phones and Apple Store for iPhone users. 

7.   Make Use of Your Privacy Options

WhatsApp now comes with features which allows you to set your privacy and the way you appear online to everyone but you'd be surprised that a greater percentage of WhatsApp users have no knowledge about this. Thes privacy options include;

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You can choose who sees your status, even the new and old WhatsApp status. 

You can choose who sees your profile pictures

You can choose who sees your last seen, and in the case of this last seen, you won't be able to see other people's last seen if you set yours to only me.

Fortunately, modded WhatsApp clients have a way of making you enjoy these privacy options without any prices. For instance, you can disable your online status and last seen and see other people's online status and last seen.

You can as well send full-sized imaged without having its sizes and quality reduced. You can send a video that is up to 30mb which I am sure is available in stock WhatsApp. But the question you need to ask yourself is which do you prefer: some extra features or chatting with confidence and assured security?

So that is all is about improving security and preventing spying eyes off your WhatsApp and the proven ways to improve WhatsApp security. All the steps listed here are officially released by WhatsApp Inc themselves so you can go ahead and implement them. If you have any other WhatsApp security trick that we have overlooked? Leave us a comment!

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