Be Informed And Earn: How To Get MTN Lumos Mobile Electricty

Saturday, November 4, 2017

How To Get MTN Lumos Mobile Electricty

As you know, MTN Lumos Mobile electricity which a device that allows users to enjoy steady and uninterrupted 24/7 electricity power supply is now available. The service which was first announced in 2016 was finally launched toward the ends of last month is now available for purchase. If you don't know what MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity is, refer to these articles Here and then another one Here to get yourself acquainted.
To get the noiseless, smoke-fume-free and efficient electricity device, just follow these simple guidelines.
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===>>>>    Walk into any of the MTN participating dealer shop, with any valid means National identification, MTN SIM card registered in your name, names/details of two guarantors. Then pay a One-time payment of the sum of 26,000, but because i=of the promo is now sold at ₦19000

===>>>>    After joining and making your payments, you will be assigned a  professional and authorized technician who will install the mobile electricity device for you.

===>>>>    After installation, you will have to activate your Lumos Mobile Electricity System, to do that follow this simple guide:

1.    Check that your MTN account (registered with Lumos service) has enough credit; You should always credit your Lumos system for 30 days a month. Please note: this service is similar to a “hire-purchase*” deal. A minimum of 20 days must be paid every month, whether you use the system or not.

2.    Choose an electricity plan from the options listed below

How To Get MTN Lumos Mobile Electricty

3.    Send a text message with your preferred plan to 317. (E.g.) for a 30 day plan, SMS “30” and send it to 317.

4.    You will get confirmation SMS, and then you can start enjoying 24/7 electricity!

According to MTN, the 30 days plan is the most loved plan by most of our customers, while the rest tends to go for quarterly, semi-annual and annual plans. You can mix and match electricity plans when you want. However, a minimum of 20 days of electricity must be paid every month, whether you use the system or not. You can choose any combination from our optional plans to meet your 20 days per month, minimum usage.

What’s in the Mobile Electricity Kit?

1.   Large 80W solar panel unit and cables

2.   Solar indoor unit

3.   USB mobile phone charger

4.   2 powerful led bulbs

5.   DC to AC converter

Bonus Part:

After 5 years of use and 1800 paid days, the system becomes yours to own and you get Free Electricity! You can also get free light days by sharing your experiences and referring your friends and family including colleagues to join the Lumos Mobile Electricity program. 

How To Refer Someone:

Simply SMS your friend’s number to 08133134773. Once your friend completes the deal by joining the Mobile Electricity Service, MTN will automatically credit your account with free electricity. You will receive 14 Electricity days while your friend receives 7 Electricity days free.

Important Note:

1.    You can only SMS using the MTN number registered to your Lumos service.

2.    MTN must receive your SMS and confirm it before your friend joins the service.

3.    Refer only one person per SMS. No Limit to the number of referrals per day.

4.    Your friends’ MTN phone number must be 13 digits long and start with 234. For instance, if your friend’s number is 08031234567, SMS 2348031234567 to 08133134773.

Kindly be informed that at the moment, MTN Mobile Electricity is in Abuja and all other states of the federation except Yobe and Borno States.

The MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity is compatible with all DC (solar) appliances, up to 100W (accumulative) and 12V. AC Compatible appliances that you already have at home, up to 60W (accumulative) and 220V

Devices You Can use With MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity


Devices You Cannot use With MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity

MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity unsupported devices

What do you think will happen if the price of this comes down? Do you think this one can be h****d to get free electricity days?

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  1. How does it work. And what's the power capacity

    1. I works like your regular cable decoder, but it gives electricity through solar. It Large 80W solar panel unit and cables, Solar indoor unit, USB mobile phone charger, 2 powerful led bulbs and DC to AC converter

  2. Is there any option to pay once instead of the hire purchase thingy? How much would that be?

    1. You only pay once to purchase the solar inverter, then you will be recharging it the same way you recharge your phone number. But if you want to buy it once and for all, then you consider other companies that install solar panel besides mtn


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