Monday, November 6, 2017

Google Search Now Lets You Review and Compare Different Phone Specs

Google is truly taking their search engine to the next level. Over the past months, we've seen several additions they made to it like the most recent search results based on locations. The Google weblight which is geared towards delivering a faster and lightweight google search results. And now they want users to be able to use their search engine to review and compare the specs of several Android phones and gadgets.

This new feature is still in its beta stage and it isn't available yet. But from what I already know about Google, I can comfortably say that it'll be available in all locations and might debut in the US first before other locations. This new Google search feature will display a comparison when you search for two phones and it detects “vs” in the search query. For instance, when you type in Google Pixel 2 “vs” Google Pixel XL.

You can then expand the chart by hitting the blue button, and there's even an option to highlight differences. Though at the moment, this only work for two devices Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL and Google is yet to make any public announcement as regards this, it is indeed a welcomed development.

Once the feature is available for all devices and in all locations, you can then pull up a Google search and then search for specs comparison of any 2 or 3 phones for better knowledge before going ahead and buying it.

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Final thoughts, I see this as a good improvement and development for Google, but I believe it may affect blogs and websites that write about phones and other gadgets reviews and this might slow down their sales via affiliate. Feel free to add your own opinion.

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