Thursday, November 2, 2017

Google Poly, a Free 3D Cross-Platform Library for VR/AR

Google just launched a new service which they call Google Poly. It is a cross-platform 3D library for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, and above all, it’s free. The platform was open by Google a few hours ago for people to find and share 3D objects. Poly integrates with Tilt Brush and Blocks, respectively, and acts as a showcase for 3D models that developers can plug and play into their own AR or VR creations.
Google Poly, a Free 3D Cross-Platform Library for VR/AR

Google Poly was Built for development kits like Google’s own ARCore, or Apple’s ARKit, and it allows anyone to upload or view 3D objects in a mobile or desktop browser by visiting You can do a variety of things like creating, viewing, editing or download 3D images and graphics free of charge. 3D creators can then remix an existing 3D project and re-upload it to Google Poly, and then Google automatically adds credit to the original.

It is not certain if Google Poly will remain free indefinitely and can be accessed free from any device, unlike several 3D and graphics assets. For now though, Poly offers an excellent resource for any developer looking to jump feet first into the VR/AR space.

Unlike Google Family Link which debut in the United States, Google Poly is available for everyone in any location. All you have to do is to open and explore the wonderful 3D objects at your disposal. Poly will definitely come in handy for anyone who thinks that Google Toontastic was made for kids alone, thus have no much use for an adult.

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