Sunday, November 5, 2017

Glo Free Browsing and Unlimited Download with Ucmini Handler November 2017

Glo is currently working free and unlimited with several configuration settings. So long as Glo network is good, just get yourself a Glo 3G sim and get Ucmini Handler, configure it with the right settings then you're good to go. For you to enjoy the current Glo Free Browsing and Unlimited Download with Ucmini Handler November 2017, you will need the following:
Glo Free Browsing and Unlimited Download with Ucmini Handler

✔️   Ucmini handler mod - download it here
✔️   Your active  Glo 3G SIM with 0.00kb balance and no active data (not 4G SIM) 
✔️   Your Android phone
✔️   Strong and stable 3G network

Not only getting these requirements, there are few things you should know and they are;

==>>   It doesn't power all apps
==>>   It is unlimited
==>>   It's fast
==>>   No speed limit or throttling
==>>   You can also browse with it
==>>   All your free browsing and downloading happen within the Ucmini app.

So now configure your phone's default internet settings and the UCmini handler

Open the UC Mini Browser you downloaded earlier from the link above and configure it as below;
✔   Device user agent >>> Android

✔   Web user agent >>> Opera

✔   Referer type >>> Real referer

✔ Handler download limit = 1000000

✔   Tick ✅ remove port

✔   Proxy type >>> Real host

✔   Custom Header > X-Factor-Web or leave it empty

✔   Proxy server >>>

✔   Real proxy type >>> Default

✔   Real proxy port >>> 80

✔ Then tap on OK

Remeber, your phone's default internet settings must be set to any of Glo internet settings. (gloflat or glowap works just fine).

Finally, if you face any difficulty while attempting to download anything, here is what to do;

1.   Browse your way to the file you wish to download

2.   Long press on the link of the file you want to download and select page info

3.   In the page info window, locate the download link of the file and copy it to the clipboard.

4. Now open in a new tab and paste the download link you copied earlier, then click on download.

Apply to above step anytime want to download, or anytime you face difficulties while downloading, 

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