Be Informed And Earn: Get Free Airtel 36GB Data + 15,000 Airtime When You Buy Fero 1801 From Airtel Shop

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Get Free Airtel 36GB Data + 15,000 Airtime When You Buy Fero 1801 From Airtel Shop

At first, when I saw this I thought it was a joke until I personally contacted @AirtelNigeria and got a positive confirmation. AirtelNG is giving away a whopping 36GB data plus ₦15,000 worth of airtime loaded in a new sim card to anyone that walks into any Airtel shop and buy 1 Fero 1801 feature phone. A communique issued out by Airtel reads “Get 36GB data + N15000 airtime over 6 months when you get a Fero 1801 phone for just ₦6000! But before you rush out to get this phone at Airtel shop, let me give you a rundown of what the Fero 1801 is made of.
Buy Fero 1801 From Airtel Shop and et Free Airtel 36GB Data + 15,000 Airtime

  • Display: 1.8-inch
  • RAM: 32MB
  • Internal Storage: 32MB; expandable up to 32GB with microSD card
  • Battery:1000mAh
  • Rear Camera: 1.2MP
  • Dimensions: 117x49x12.7 mm
  • Weight: 73.4g
  • Torchlight
  • FM Radio
  • Connectivity : GSM 900/1800Mhz , Bluetooth/USB , GSM/GPRS

How to Get 36GB + 15000 Airtime From Airtel

1.    Walk into any Airtel store or check here to see the Airtel store closest to you
2.   Buy the Fero 1801 phone

3. Insert your Airtel SIM card to get 36GB of data plus 15,000 airtime instantly. 

Please note that the validity period for the bonus airtime and data is 6months

How to Get Airtel 36GB Data + 15,000 Airtime Without Buying The Fero 1801 phone?

Fero 1801 IMEI

There is a possibility that you can get the Airtel 36GB Data + 15,000 Airtime without buying The Fero 1801 phone, you just have to lay your hands on a valid TAC number of Fero 1801. However, I was opportune to get 1 myself and read it to be valid, so can go ahead and use 352128,  apply a simple knowledge of IMEI Tweaking and complete the IMEI to 15 digits. And if you don't know how to tweak IMEI, check this tutorial here for a complete guidance. And in case you are not aware, you can also get ten times of any amount you recharge on your Aitel line, see this article here for full details.

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