Be Informed And Earn: Facebook May Soon Require You to Upload Your Picture to Confirm You’re Not A Robot

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Facebook May Soon Require You to Upload Your Picture to Confirm You’re Not A Robot

The security threats that these social media posses are one of the reasons I feel jaded about making a maximum use of them. Don't get me wrong, social media are great ways to meet and connect with people who share the same interests as you. But they can also expose to threats, (known and unknown). So Facebook in their plans to improve their security may soon require users to upload their selfie as a means of Captcha verification.
Facebook May Soon Require You to Upload Your Picture to Confirm You’re Not A Robot

Facebook's new “Upload A Selfie” feature or what seems to be like it was shared on Twitter by flexlibris it reads that Facebook is now locking users out of account features, then demanding that those users "verify" their account to get back in by scanning an image of their face. AN IMAGE OF THEIR FACE.

A confirmation of this feature was seen in a statement to Wired, Facebook said that this photo test is intended to catch suspicious activity on the website. The company adds that it’ll help them identify unintended actions while creating an account, sending Friend requests, creating/editing ads, and setting up payment for ads.

However, it is still not clear if this will be official later, but a Reddit user, lostinthemasses also shared the same incident. The user also stated that at all times, you got an invalid response, even with real pictures and instant selfies. But the process is automated and the goal behind it is still the same and so far seems to be legit, It is asking for your selfie to determine if your account is authentic, and Facebook will check if the photo is unique.

Another screenshot spotted on Twitter suggests that another Facebook user is locked out of the account pending when a photo of them is verified in terms of captcha. People see a message that says — “You Can’t Log In Right Now. We’ll get in touch with you after we’ve reviewed your photo.”

Now I do not know if this is some bug or a real feature that are still in beta stages, but so far doesn't seem to be good, especially for individuals who would want to connect online but aren't ok with sharing their photos online.

However, signing up for Facebook or any other social media means that you agree to release certain information about yourself to them.

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