Be Informed And Earn: Download KRACK WiFi Exploit Fix and Patch For Android

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Download KRACK WiFi Exploit Fix and Patch For Android

Google just released a new security patch for it's Android OS which is aimed at fixing any vulnerability of the recently surfaced Krack WiFI exploit that affected 41% of Android OS population. KRACK attack takes advantage of critical WPA2 vulnerabilities which made almost every WiFi-compatible device weak against attacks.
Download KRACK WiFi Exploit Fix and Patch For Android
Users with affected devices have 2 options to download the fix which can be by doing an OTA update by visiting Settings >>> System >>> System update. Alternatively, they can manually flash system images for their various devices. 

Unfortunately, the System image for Google Pixel 2 XL is currently not available, my guess is that maybe these phones aren't affected with the Wifi exploit. Otherwise, they would've been the first in line to get the patch before other devices will follow. Apple, Linux, and Microsoft have already released a fix and patch for their various platforms.

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