Be Informed And Earn: Download Firefox Quantum 57 For Windows, Mac & Linux, It is Faster Than Chrome

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Download Firefox Quantum 57 For Windows, Mac & Linux, It is Faster Than Chrome

The 21st century which is the century of Information technology is marked by two things, speed and accuracy. There isn't a complete satisfaction for using the internet, internet enabled device or a web browser if the internet connection of the browser itself is very slow. It can be very annoying and frustrating, and this was one of the reasons most internet users switched from Firefox to Google Chrome in the past. But now the reserve is set to be the case as Firefox Quantum has finally been launched, tested, proved and confirmed to be faster than Chrome on top operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux.

After the loss and setback, Mozilla went back and has been working hard to give back Firefox the position it once had through Project Quantum. Mozilla has completely changed the soul of their open-source web browser. And now the first ever Quantum-fueled Firefox version, Firefox 57, is set to be available on your Windows, Linux, and macOS PC(s). The new browser is loaded with new CSS engine written in Rust programming language, adding parallel processing capabilities to leverage multi-core CPUs which are a common sight nowadays.

In other developments and improvements that have been made to Firefox, Mozilla acknowledged that they have doubled Firefox’s speed since last year. Also, Firefox Quantum (Firefox 57) consumes around 30% less RAM than Google Chrome. There is also a new feature called Tracking Protection, it blocks extensive requests for online user tracking and it works by default in the Private browsing window and of course, reduces the page loading time down by around 44 percent. 

Guys at GitHub were curious enough to test and compare loading speeds and memory consumption of both Chrome and Firefox Quantum 57. The YouTube video can be seen here and the test results of the memory usage can also be seen here.

Changes in Firefox wasn't limited to under the hood, the UI too was touched completely. It now spots a unique and sleek Photon UI that gives the re-launched browser refreshed and colourful icons. Another major improved is the addition of inbuilt tool that lets users take screenshots at ease.

The download links for Firefox Quantum or Firefox 57, as it is fondly called by some people will pop-up on this page. Meanwhile, if you’re impatient, you can download the final releases for Mac, Windows, and Linux from this FTP page.

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