Be Informed And Earn: Breach Alerts in Firefox Quantum Will Warn If You Visit A ‘Hacked’ Website

Friday, November 24, 2017

Breach Alerts in Firefox Quantum Will Warn If You Visit A ‘Hacked’ Website

Firefox 57.0 otherwise known ad Firefox Quantum that was released over 1 week ago is set to rip Chrome of its number 1 title as the most used and fastest web browser. Apparently, Mozilla foundation is adding more changes to the  Firefox Quantum, they call it Breach Alerts, which will warn users when they visit a website, whether it was hacked in the past or not.
Breach Alerts in Firefox Quantum Will Warn If You Visit A ‘Hacked’ Website
Mozilla was able to achieve this by teaming up with the guys at “Have I Been Pwned” whose data will be used to notify users about any data breaches. And HIBP's Troy Hunt took to his twitter account to announce the collaboration and the new feature which is already in the works.

It is still uncertain to us how exactly this feature will exactly work and how far in the past Breach Alerts would go when reporting data breaches to the users because this development is still in its early stages. According to the GitHub repo of the Mozilla engineer working on the Breach Alerts project, the warning notifications will focus more on recent security breaches. 

The warning notifications would also carry a “Learn More” link which will take users to a support page containing documentation about data breaches they were notified of.

The new Breach Alertsfeature will also offer users, the opportunity to opt-in to the service and get notified of future data breaches via their email. Mozzila is also giving opportunities to developers who are interested in the project, they can compile the prototype present in the GitHub repo and test it in Firefox Developer Edition.

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