Saturday, November 18, 2017

BlackArch Project Drops Support For 32-bit BlackArch Linux Distro

I do not know how to say this, I guess there is no better or easier way to drop an unpleasant news, other than just going ahead and say it point blank. BlackArch Linux Distro which is the one of the most popular Linux Distro for pen testing will no longer support 32bit version of their Linux Distro.
BlackArch Project Drops Support For 32-bit BlackArch Linux Distro

The announcement which was made on BlackArch Linux's twitter handle and on their official website read 
“Following 9 months of deprecation period, support for the i686 architecture effectively ends today.”
 As a result of this change, by November end, the i686 packages will be removed from BlackArch mirrors. At a later stage, they’ll also be removed from packages archive. In case you visit their website, you won’t find any 32-bit download images.

This development also means that users who are using 32bit Arch Linux Distro won't  won’t be able to upgrade to a newer version or get updates/patches for their machines.

They are now faced with 2 options which are to either install the 64bit version of ArchLinux on a 64bit processor or migrate to any other pen testing Linux distro that still supports 32bit.

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