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Best iPhone Apps in November 2017

There are tons of iPhone Apps by different developers out there, but we have selected the top 10 apps you definitely need to have on your iOS device for this month of November. Each of these apps and easy and simple to use and can be used to perform one action of the other. So without taking much time, let's have a look at the top 10 list of best iPhone apps for November 2017.
best iphone apps

1.   1Password

Starting with the list is a wonderful app called 1Password, this app comes very much in handy for people with several accounts with different passwords. Now I understand remembering all these passwords can be a bit challenging, even in most cases I reset my password after several attempts to remember. In such case, this app called 1Password will be of a great help, because after downloading it and making the necessary configurations, you only have to remember 1password and the app handles the rest. You really need to have this app installed in your iPhone because it is a very useful password manager app.

2.   Lyft

Are you in a place where Uber isn't available yet? Then Lyft is your best alternative. Lyft is also used to find rides for the different service providers at the lowest prices ever. It helps you to find the best and cheapest cab facility or the traveling assistance.

3.   InstaPaper

You feel like you're missing out on the latest news and gist and gossips about the events that interest you? Don't worry, Instapaper got you covered. It instantly delivers the details of the news that is in the world right now, in a much better experience. It also comes with feeds and notifications which can also be tweaked for a better experience.

4.   Waze

There several real-time traffic navigation apps out there but Waze is among the best if not the best. It collects and delivers real-time data about locations, traffic, and maps throughout the world. Waze can also be used at your own convenience, simply install this premiere class navigation app and you're in for a wonderful map and navigation guide.

5.   Dark Sky

Are you planning for any event and is worried about the sky and the weather? Then this app called dark sky will come in handy. It delivers most accurate weather reports of any area you choose with its coolest UI.

6.   Spotify

This list of best apps for iPhone in the month of November wouldn't be complete if Spotify didn't make the list. Music, they say is the language of the soul and Spotify delivers you the best music from any part of the world straight to your mobile iPhone. Simply log on to your Spotify and search for the right music you wish to listen and listen.

7.   Evernote

Do you have important quotes and writings and texts you wouldn't wanna miss for the world? Then Evernote is your best bet. You can also store any kind of media, text or files into your notes so as to save the points. Another thing about this great note making app is that it is supported by multiple operating systems and you could easily access the synced data over the other devices.

8.   Prisma

Prisma gives you best photos and camera effects anytime, anywhere. Capture those great moments and selfies with your camera and then use the app to apply tons of effects to it. Effects are either in-built or auto-generated. Prisma just like Evernote can also be used on any platform.

9.   SwiftKey

Just like the name sounds, Swiftkey is a wonderful and amazing keyboard app that helps you to type swiftly. It comes with a swipe type feature which is the most fluent function of this keyboard that helps to write the words

10.   PeakFinder

With peak-finder, you just have to take the panorama shot of the environment around you and you'll be able to get the perfect look for the mountains and the hills all around. This app is very good and useful for travelers, scientists, explorers, etc who are interested in mountains and hikes. With Peakfinder, you are sure to enjoy surveying of different regions with the use of smartphones.

Besides these ten, there are tons of other cool iPhone apps out there and there are still many that are still to be developed. In the future months to come, we shall review other apps and keep this list of top 10 best iPhone apps updated. But in the meantime, please share your opinions and suggestions through the comments section below.

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