Be Informed And Earn: 7 Reasons Why Google Pixel 2 is Better Than iPhone X

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

7 Reasons Why Google Pixel 2 is Better Than iPhone X

The Google Pixel 2, Pixel 2XL  and iPhone X are one of the top-rated smartphones in the market now. Many will say that the newly launched iPhone X is better than the Google's latest dual Pixel phones. But I am personally finding it difficult believe that the flagship from the Cupertino California guys is better than that of the Mountain view California guys. 
7 Reasons Why Google Pixel 2 is Better Than iPhone X

Let's present it as a debate, the iPhone X makes a serious case for itself purely based on design. It's that pretty, that I very much agree, especially when you behold it. But seeing an abstract picture snapped out of the iPhone X, I remembered there are several key reasons why the Pixel 2 phones are better. And that is what we are going to deliberate here with 7 strong points against iPhone X. Please note that all these points are purely based on my on own view of the 2 smartphones in questions, and you are welcome to speak against my opinion.

1.  Price - Both the Pixel Phones are Cheaper than iPhone X

Before you try to buy any smartphone, the first or next thing that comes to your mind after reviewing the specs of the phone is the price. It wouldn't be a smart move to empty your pockets just because you want to use the latest iPhone X. The Pixel 2 starts at $650, which is $350 less than the iPhone X's $1,000 starting price tag. While the larger Pixel 2 XL costs $850, which is still $150 less than the iPhone X starting price of $999.

2.   The Pixel 2 phones Comes Included With a fast charger, But Absent in iPhone X

It doesn't add up to buy  a phone for a thousand dollars and spend hours waiting for it to charge. The fast charging is a feature that Android users have been enjoying for years, but Apple recently added it to their phones starting from iPhone 8 and now iPhone X. However, you still need to separately buy a fast charger which isn't included in the iPhone X's welcome pack.

Meanwhile, Google's Pixel 2 phones come with a fast charger included in the box. So, not only are the Pixel 2 phones cheaper, they don't require you to spend extra cash to get more advantage of core features. Android user will surely agree with me that it is a feature that lets you get hours of battery life from just a few minutes of charging, which by the way is incredibly handy when you're in a hurry.

3.   Both Pixel and iPhone X are Roughly the Same Weight, But Pixel is Larger in Screen Size.

Who pay would be OK paying a thousand dollar buy a phone and be happy seeing his/her neighbour with a cheaper phone enjoying a larger screen. Now I do not know about you because I speak for myself, but I sure won't be happy about it.

Comparing the weight and dimensions of these smartphones in question, the 175-gram Pixel 2 XL and the 174-gram iPhone X are almost identical in weight, but the Pixel 2 XL has larger 6-inch screen compared to the iPhone X's 5.8-inch display. Technically you get more screen for the same weight with the Pixel 2 XL. While the smaller Pixel 2 weighs 143 grams, but it's not exactly a fair comparison considering its smaller 5-inch display compared to the iPhone X. 

4.   The Pixels Phones Are Not Costly to Repair and There is Zero Chance of Glass Break

Without AppleCare+, it will cost you $280 to repair iPhone X screen, which is surely enough money to buy 1 or even 2 Android smartphones. Besides this, it will also cost you $550 to repair any other damage on the iPhone X which maybe include a broken iPhone glass back. This makes the iPhone X be the most expensive smartphone buy and the most expensive to repair. 

Meanwhile, it'll cost you $130 to repair the Pixel 2's screen. To repair the small glass panel on the back, it'll cost an estimated $170, which is expensive, but still cheaper than the iPhone X's repair cost.

For the Pixel 2 XL, it'll cost you $220 to repair a broken screen. To repair the small glass panel on the back, it'll cost an estimated $160. That's also expensive for a rear glass panel, but again, it's cheaper than the iPhone X repair. 

5.   Android OS Works Faster on the Pixel 2 phones than iOS on the iPhone X

Using the GIF animation above, you can see clearly how the original Pixel beat iPhone 7 to fast response, and the same is true with the newest Pixel 2 and iPhone X. The fast responsiveness you saw in Android was achieved by cutting down, or completely removing the animations when I open apps and swipe between screens.

Apple has a similar feature with iPhone X and they call it "Reduce Motion". This feature only changes the default zoom-in and zoom-out animations when opening and closing apps to fade-in and fade-out animations. Apps don't appear to open or close any faster.

6.   Google Pixel Camera is Better Than That of iPhone X

Of a truth is that both iPhone X and the dual Pixel 2 phones take excellent photos, and they're among the best smartphone cameras you can buy. But the Pixel 2 has a great proposition that makes it more tempting than the iPhone X: Again, it's the price. 

I've had a few iPhone-toting colleagues and friends who were curious about the Pixel 2's camera, which is widely reported as one of the best cameras on a smartphone. Some even expressed interest in switching to the Pixel 2 for its camera instead of upgrading to another iPhone.

7.   Overall, Android is more Customizable than iOS

This is the part I love most, Android is an Open Source OS but iOS is closed. You can pick up Android OS and make any customization you want and everything will just work as fine as a new product. 

Besides being able to add tweaks to the core of the OS, Android is so flexible that you can hide your apps in the app drawer. And for the apps you want to keep on your home screen, you can rearrange them anywhere on the screen.

Notifications on Android are a lot easier to manage and more useful when compared to their iOS counterparts. When you swipe down from the top of the Pixel 2's screen to bring up the notifications shade, you find everything you need in one place to manage your notifications and the core settings of the phone.  You can quickly manage settings like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, battery settings, airplane mode, and even the flashlight straight from the.

There are tons of ways Android can be customized to improve efficiency when compared to iOS. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference. If you care about customization and general efficiency, the Pixel 2 offers the best experience.

Finally, these are my thoughts based my own view of the phones, another person's view is bound to be entirely different from mine. Know that there are other ways iPhones takes the lead when compared to Android, and security is one of those many reasons.

iPhone is more secure than Android, and that is because that iOS isn't open source. No tech company anywhere in the world produces iPhone or any other iOS-powered device if not Apple Inc. The closed-circuit nature of iOS makes it possible for Apple to manage every bit of iOS, the features you get in an iPhontheare he features Apple wants you to have, and nothing can be added or removed from it.

The 2 phones aren't so different after all, they both share some fundamental features. For instance, the ways or methods that can be used to reduce huge mobile data usage on Android can still be applied to iPhones and the still get the desired result. Each of these phones is unique in their own way and they still have some features that iOS has which are not seen in Android, and vice-versa.

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