Be Informed And Earn: Kwesé Satellite Pay-as-You-Watch TV Launches in Nigeria

Monday, October 23, 2017

Kwesé Satellite Pay-as-You-Watch TV Launches in Nigeria

Most us must have seen or heard of Kwese, either on Radio or Tv or online advert. At first, when I say an ad on the internet about Kwesé, the first thing that came to my mind was that it is a Ponzi/peer-to-peer donation website or platform. It was after going through the website and the advert that I understood it is a Satellite cable television network own a Zimbabwean enterprise.
Kwesé Satellite Pay-as-You-Watch TV-decoder-and satellite dish
Kwese offers Pay-as-You-Watch services for as low as ₦999 and as high as 6,275, which I am sure that because of the price, might not be the first options for my Nigerians, especially if TStv finally resume commercial operations and transmission come November 1. Pay-as-watch seems to be the trend in satellite cable television network and just like TStv, Kwesé's Pay-as-You-Watch service means that customers are not entitled to make monthly subscription just like in the case of DStv. With Kwesé you only pay for what you consume. Kwesé has been in full operations in other African countries like Rwanda, Zambia, and Ghana before officially launching in Nigeria a few days ago.

Channels That are Offered in Kwesé TV Includes

The new Kwesé Satellite TV comes loaded with over 65 channels which among them are premium international and African entertainment channels, movies and series channels, award-winning children’s entertainment channels and of course some sports channels. To list but a few of them are CNN International, DreamWorks, DTX, ESPN, VICELAND, Diddy’s REVOLT TV and home-grown channels such as Channels TV, TVC News, and NTA.

Other Things You Need to Know About Kwesé Satellite Pay-as-You-Watch TV

1.   Every Kwesé subscriber is entitled to enjoy an always-on-programme with their Kwesé TV decoders without any active subscription. The always-on programme offers some selected free-to-air channels that include channels includes Africa News, Flow TV, NTA, Islam TV and of course Kwesé Free Sports.

2.   The Kwesé Free Sports might sound cheap and easy to your earing, and you'd probably think it won't be of any use especially since it is free. But you might wanna know that it is Africa’s largest and first Pan-African free-to-air TV channel available in 25 countries providing premium sporting content to sports fans for free. Kwesé Free Sports channel holds exclusive free-to-air rights to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia and the, of course, the all-loving Premier League.

What Are the Prices for Kwesé Satellite Subscription

3.   There 3 options for subscription in Kwesé Satellite and they are as follows; 3 days subscription which goes for 990 for 3 days, 7days subscription which goes for ₦1,850 and 1-month subscription which goes for 6,275

How much is Kwesé Satellite Dish?

4.   Kwesé Satellite dish and decoder costs 10,960 which is higher than the price of TStv. And like I said earlier, because of the price, might not be the first options for my Nigerians, especially if TStv finally commences commercial operations and transmission on November 1. On the bright side is that the price you are paying will cover the installation fee.

5.   Kwesé Satellite subscribers are also offered a free subscription to Kwesé premium/full entertainment and sports bouquet for the first 30 days. AFter which they can now choose from the available subscription plans and prices.

Now over to you, what do you have to say about this Kwesé Satellite TV, do you think they will thrive? or not? Give your reasons.

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