Be Informed And Earn: Key Points You Need to Consider Before Buying an External Hard Drive

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Key Points You Need to Consider Before Buying an External Hard Drive

It is very bad to have all your files and important documents stored in one place, it's like having all your eggs put in one basket. If by some chance something happens to the basket, they all get broken. In the same manner, storing all your files in one computer or in different computers that are networked to each other is a bad and unwise computer practice. Depending on the size of files that needs to be back up, will decide the type and size of hard drive you will need to get. Though the choice may seem to be straightforward, there are a number of things you should consider before buying an external drive, and they include:
number of things you should consider before buying an external drive

1.   Size

One of the things you need to consider is the size of the hard drive you will need. You have to ask yourself questions like, how big is too big? and how small is too small?  For thousands of images and a few home/foreign movies maybe, some music, and documents, you could get away with anything between 100-500GB and it will serve you just fine. However, there is no real harm in going for an external hard drive with larger capacity like a (1TB 1,000GB)

2.   Speed

The type of hard drive you are going to buy will determine the clock speed of that hard drive. USB 2.0 seems to be slower than that of USB 3, so try as much as possible to avoid them. If options permit you, go for eSATA which can deliver 6Gbps or USB 3.0.

3.   Security

There are some external hard drives that offer a basic storage experience while there are some that offer more services like security and encryption as well as software suites and more. Any type of these drives ready-to-use external drives and can be seen in reputable hardware stores.

4.   Durability

External hard drives are one of the most fragile computer peripherals I've ever come across. They need special handling in using and they need special handling in carrying about. Though most of them come with an external hard case, they still need special kind of pampering. So when buying an external hard drive, you should require an external drive that can withstand a few tumble. A hard drive that comes with a rugged design and durable build to offer enhanced physical protection.

5.   HDD vs SSD, Which one to Choose?

Most people do get confused when it comes to the question of HDD and SSD. The simplest explanation is that HDD is bigger and bulky than SSD, they were traditionally used in PCs before SSD technology came along. 2.5-inch drives are smaller and more compact for use in laptops but offer less performance. But in terms of durability, HDD takes the lead.

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