Monday, October 23, 2017

How to Make YouTube Videos Play in Background

one of the things that makes me feel comfortable while using Telegram App besides being able to send apk files, is that I can play any YouTube video right inside the Telegram app without me leaving the app. Even demo blog app can still play YoutTube videos in the app without asking the user to switch to YouTube app, but I can't say the same for WhatsApp and Facebook. 
How to Make YouTube Videos Play in Background
It is safe to say that YouTube is the internet’s replacement for the TV, and you'd actually have to be in front of the screen to see what's showing on the TV screen. I can't say the same for YouTube as whatever that is playing on your screen will automatically pause when you leave the website unless you are viewing the video from a desktop PC. But Google allows Red YouTube subscribers to play videos and sounds in the background, leaving the ordinary YouTubers out from enjoying this feature.

This trick will come in handy for both Android or iOS users without much hassle, for Android users:
==>>   Open in your Android phone Chrome browser.

==>>   Request for YouTube's desktop site by going to the three-dot menu at the top right,  and check the box.

==>>   Navigate to the video you want to listen to and press play.

==>>   Accept the warning notification which will be shown to you saying that YouTube wants to send you notifications. 

==>>   Exit the Chrome app and you’ll be able to resume playback from the notification menu.

For Apple iOS users

==>>   Download the Dolphin web browser

==>>   Open with the Dolphin web browser app.

==>>   Navigate to the video you want to listen to and press play.

==>>   Exit the Dolphin app and you’ll be able to resume playback from the iOS Control Center.

I am sure that you are aware that on a desktop computer, you may install both Firefox or Opera browsers with Add-ons extensions for youtube video downloading (just search Add-ons for "youtube download"). But I can't say the same for Google Chrome, because Chrome browser obviously has no such extensions.

The same is for Android phone – just install Firefox browser app then open the Menu→Tools → Add-ons→ Browse all Add-ons, search for "youtube download" and add your suitable add-ons (example: "Youtube Download & Adblocker – Smarttube Extreme", "Youtube High Definition", "Adblock Plus", etc). 

After that just go to and click under the video the red button "Smartube Download". The downloaded videos you may find and start at Menu→Tools→Downloads. Works perfectly well!

In addition, if this method seems to be an awful lot of hassle for you, then get yourself some a basic function in Windows apps like myTube and MetroTubeSurely there must be apps to handle this

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