Be Informed And Earn: How to Get 9mobile Free 200mb

Monday, October 23, 2017

How to Get 9mobile Free 200mb

I promised to have dropped this weeks ago but it totally slipped my mind. 9mobile is gifting free 200mb to both old and new customers just by using the 9mobile app or registering yourself in the my9mobile website. So here is what to do to get your own free 200mb from 9mobile without wasting time.
Mobile Free 200MB

1.   Use a PC or your smartphone and visit

2.   Fill in the required details there like name, email address, etc.

3.   Type in your 9mobile number and you will receive a confirmation code.

4.   Use the confirmation code you received to confirm your account.

5.   Then finally after registration, login into your my9mobile account, make sure you get notified via text message that you logged into your account.

6.   Ok now log out of your my9mobile account once you get a text message that you logged into your account.

Then wait for 0-48 hours to get a message that your line has been credited with free 200mb valid for 7 days. Please note that this free data cannot be accumulated, but you are welcome to try it on multiple sim cards using entirely different details. The free 200mb data can be used on any internet enabled device at ease. So that is how to get Mobile Free 200MB. Do enjoy and please share your testimonies.

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