Be Informed And Earn: How To Connect Your Android/iPhone To Windows 10 PC

Thursday, October 5, 2017

How To Connect Your Android/iPhone To Windows 10 PC

Microsoft said it that Windows 10 will be the last version of their popular OS, but will be releasing seasonal updates with improved features and security, starting with the Anniversary Update. This fall, Microsoft is set to release another update of Windows which they dubbed Windows 10 Fall and will come with a new feature called “Continue on PC” which according to Microsoft, will allow users to link their smartphones be it Android or iOS devices their Windows 10 PCs.
techvillz How To Connect Your Android/iPhone To Windows 10 PC
However, the Continue on PC feature is currently available only to Windows Insiders and will arrive for regular Windows users in no distant time. So if you’re running an Insider build version of Windows 10 Fall update on your PC, you can use the steps below to connect your phone to Windows 10 PC.

How to Connect Android or iOS Phone to Windows 10 PC

==>>   With your smartphone, download the Cortana app and sign-in using the same credentials or create a new account if you don't already have one.

==>>   Press the Window button + I on your keyboard to pull up the settings app/menu

==>>   Click on the Phone option which is right after the Devices option.

==>>   Make sure that both your PC and phone's internet connection is active, then click on Add a phone. 

==>>   A new window will pop-up, choose your Country code and type in your mobile number. Click Send to receive the text message on your phone.

==>>   Download the Android app called Microsoft Apps using the link. It’s required when you want to use the Continue on PC feature in connecting your Android or iPhone to Windows 10 

==>>   Now, in the Cortana app, look for the option that says Continue your tasks on PC. Tap Try it now.

Linking your smartphone to your Windows 10 PC is a one-time process, and you have completed it successfully, you’ll start seeing a new “Continue on PC” button in your Microsoft Cortana app. For any news story or action you open or perform in the Cortana app, you can send it to your PC by tapping that button.
The interesting part is that once your PC and your Android phone are linked, you can open any app (say Google Chrome), open the app's settings menu and “Continue on PC” will be enabled in that app automatically. Tap on it to send what you're doing on your phone to your PC

Multimedia files like images, videos, audios, document files etc can also be shared from your PC to your phone and vice versa, but it requires an additional step. In Google Photos app, tap Share > Continue on PC. Now, it asks you to create a link for the file to be shared. So, you simply have to select the first option if you want to send only one image.

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