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How To Connect Xender to PC and Easily Share Files

You are definitely from Neptune or Pluto if you still wait for long hours or even minutes to transfer files between Android phones, or from Android phone to PC/vice-versa. There are tons of way to easily transfer small or huge amount of files from one device to another using a virtual wifi network. We've previously discussed how to share files from PC to Pc or from Android phone to PC. But in this case, you missed it, here is another best alternative an how to transfer files from Android phone to PC using Xender
how to connect xender to pc

To get started, you need to first of check if these prerequisites are met.

1.    Your Laptop or desktop computer Wi-fi card is properly working

2.    That you are able to connect your PC to the internet using Wi-Fi

3.  You already have any web browser installed on your PC (I prefer working with Google Chrome)

4.    Xender file sharer is installed in your phone

Once you are sure to meet the above requirements, proceed with the following steps

1.    Open Xender file sharer installed in your phone

2.    Click on receive files, then tap on connect PC

3.    Once you tap on connect PC, Xender will automatically create a virtual wifi network called Xender_APc717.”

4.    Now your PC will be notifying you to connect to the available Wi-Fi network, open your available connections and then connect to the network Xender_APc717.”
how to connect xender to pc

5.    Now that you are connected to the wifi, next thing to do is to open your web browser if it is not already open, go to the address bar and type in ” then press enter.

Once you do that, your PC will automatically be in sync. With your Android phone using a virtual wi-fi network created by Xender. And then you can be able to share files from your PC to your phone, or from your phone to PC. Then you will see a screenshot like this:
Connect Xender to PC and Easily Share Files

You will be automatically prompted to install any app that you shared from your PC to your Phone.
So that is how to share files from your phone to PC using Xender. Feel free to ask any questions, and you will be assisted. Don't forget to share your testimonies.

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