Friday, October 27, 2017

How I suddenly Started Getting A lot of Clients for My Business and Services

Hi! My name is Enoch and you must be wondering what I mean by the above statement. Well my story is no different from the many hundreds and thousands of business people who start up a business or begin offering a service at their current location but find it difficult to hookup clients on a daily or weekly basis; depending on the kind of business or services offered.
How I suddenly Started Getting A lot of Clients for My Business and Services
My case is no different and I struggled just like millions of other business people and service providers until I came across a certain website. The website offers business directory services that lists businesses and connects these businesses and service providers with necessary clients/customers that need these services and vice versa.

I came across this website from a social media advert that suddenly popped at a corner of my screen while I was browsing through a facebook group. I immediately clicked the link, it took me to the website where I registered and became a member, thereafter also listed my business and since then, it has been good news to tell for my business and services.

Please permit me to share with you my success story with Kikiconnect; a well designed and customer friendly business directory in the country that helps businesses and service providers listed in their directory attract more clients.

I invite you to try the kikiconnect services and platform . I have been using the Kikiconnect service for a while now and I must say I love their handling of client and corporate matter; plus at kikiconnect, you can find jobs, real estate and businesses near you that offers one service or the other. The kikiconnect marketplace enables businesses registered on the site to sell/auction whatever products or goods they might have.

The Kikiconnect team comes up with a range of value-added services in addition to their free offerings and also help promote every business, services and products listed under them on several websites, social media sites and more for free.

This is my Kikiconnect story. By David U. Enoch, You can connect with me on Twitter or Facebook

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