Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Google Pixel 2 Launch Event, Start time and Live Stream

Google's Oct 4th event is the talk of the town for every Android smartphone lover and user in the world today. And we are just a few hours away from this big event where California's search engine/tech giant Google is expected to release a lot of devices, including new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones, along with a fancy new Chromebook, a miniature Google Home, a new Daydream headset, and possibly some surprises that haven’t leaked out yet.
Google Pixel 2 Launch Event, Start time and Live Stream
The company is set to grace the world with an updated version of their very own Pixel which is actually the first smartphone designed by Google and has Google brand logo on it. The new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL are expected to come with an improved camera, water resistant, and a new bezel-free design similar to that of Galaxy S8. There is also rumours that Google will be launching Pixelbook which is the successor to Google’s Chromebook Pixel with a price tag of a thousand dollars ($1,000).

There will be Google Home Mini, which is what we believe to be a device similar to Amazon Echo but with a bigger size.  Also, there will be an updated Daydream VR headset, too which will all go live today in San Francisco today.
Google Pixel 2 Launch Event, Start time and Live Stream

Where to Watch Google Pixel 2 Launch Event?

Below is the Starting time of this great even in various locations around the world.
✓  San Francisco: 9AM
✓  New York: 12PM
✓  London: 5PM
✓  Berlin: 6PM
✓  Moscow: 7PM

✓  New Delhi: 9:30PM
✓  Beijing: 12AM (October 5th)
✓  Tokyo: 1AM (October 5th)
✓  Sydney: 3AM (October 5th)

You can also follow this link to live stream and follow the events as it unfolds

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