Be Informed And Earn: Facebook Messenger Lite is Now Available For Download

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Facebook Messenger Lite is Now Available For Download

Facebook is a great social media website, it has helped many private and non-private businesses and organizations reach a broad audience and grow their businesses. But one of the drawbacks of Facebook is that the mobile apps of both the website and Messenger huge eaters of mobile data and phone storage space. This need, however, has been addressed in 2016 when Facebook first announced that they will make a Facebook Messenger Lite App for Android phones with lesser specs and users in locations with slow internet connection. And now the promise has been fulfilled as the Menlo Park, California based social media giant launches Facebook’s Messenger Lite for Android launches in the US, UK, and other countries.
Download Facebook Messenger Lite
The Facebook Messenger Lite app is an excellent, cruft-free version of Facebook’s instant messaging chat app. It focuses on the essentials and will be rolling out first to users living in the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland. As aforementioned, the Android-only app was originally launched so that users could access Messenger in areas with sluggish mobile internet connectivity.

The new Messenger Lite app strictly focuses on instant messaging between users and does not include any additional or out of the box features. So users should not expect features like stories, camera effect, chat heads and video calling. According to Facebook, these features were stripped off the Lite app to increase efficiency and decrease the amount of storage space the app will require in running.

Unfortunately, the Facebook Messenger isn't available for iPhone users yet and Facebook has no plans to release it, so they are still stuck with original Facebook messenger app. However, Android users can download Facebook Messenger Lite from Google Play Store, and if they do not find it interesting, are welcomed to revert back to the bloated Messenger app.

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