Be Informed And Earn: iOS 11 Comes With a Hidden Dark Mode, Here is How to Enable it.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

iOS 11 Comes With a Hidden Dark Mode, Here is How to Enable it.

The new iOS 11 will be the first iOS release that will run only on 64-bit CPUs, which means that your 32-bit apps will become unusable once you upgrade your iPhones and iPads to iOS 11. Apple's iOS 11 was released last month with several features like ARKit, improved camera, multitasking improvements, App Store redesign and lots more. besides these known features of iOS 11, there are some hidden/minor features as well. In this release, Apple has included a feature named Smart Invert Colors, which is the closest you can get while looking for an iOS 11 dark mode and here is how to enable it
iOS 11 Hidden Dark Mode Here is How to Enable

 How to Enable Hidden Dark Mode in iOS 11

1.   Your iPhone or iPad must be running latest iOS 11, then open your iPhone Settings >>> General >>> Accessibility >>> Display Accommodations.

2.   Tap on Display Accommodations, which will show different options, then tap on Invert Colors

3.   On the new screen that will appear, tap on the Smart Invert to move/toggle the slider. This will instantly change your iPhone or iPad display to a dark theme then you know that the hidden dark mode in iOS 11 has been activated.

An important point to note is that iOS 11 dark them isn't perfected yet to work flawlessly with other iOS apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Web browsers, etc. YOu may experience some difficulties while using this dark mode with any installed apps.
iOS 11 Hidden Dark Mode Here is How to Enable
However, other things like the opening of gallery photos, playing music, browsing of contacts, making phone calls and sending text messages can still be done perfectly with your iOS 11 dark them enabled. I expect that will in no distance time fix this inverted colours feature to be able to work seamlessly with other iOS apps.

So do you know about this feature? Are you going to try out this hidden iOS 11 trick and activate hidden the dark mode in iOS? 

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