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Here Are Some Windows 10 Mobile Battery Saving tips

One thing is certain in this recent times in terms of a mobile OS, and that is the fact that most people are using either iOS or Android. Very few still use Windows OS powered mobile phones. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that Windows isn't a great OS because it really is. And that is why I am taking my time to illustrate some important Windows 10 Mobile battery saving tips for all Windows OS mobile users. This tips can also be applied in the use of PC but in a few instances. So without taking much time, let us quickly get into it, because I know that you're one of the few users clinging on to Windows 10 Mobile, you'll probably want to know how to cling onto that battery life too.
Windows 10 Mobile Battery Saving tips

Though the recent higher-end Windows 10 Mobile devices, like the Lumia 950 XL and the HP Elite x3 have a very solid battery life, especially the latter, (Lumia 950 XL). It's also very easy to drain them if you're careless by enabling, disabling and using some features inappropriately.  So whether you're using something on the high mid-range, or low end, here are our best tips for saving battery life on Windows 10 Mobile

1.  Disable Some Features

Just like in Windows 10 PC Action Center, the mobile OS version of same Windows 10 Mobile Action Center comes packed with quick features that are enabled by default, as well as controls that allow you to manage these features and improve your battery life while at it, and it's as easy as a swipe and tap.
Some Windows 10 Mobile Battery Saving tips

By swiping down from the top of the Action Center, then tapping "Expand," you'll see a full section of controls for gaining command of your battery and some of the top things that need disabling so as to save to save battery life include: Location, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, WiFi. You can have these features re-enabled only when there is a need for them.

Disable More Features via the All Settings Menu

Beyond the default options in the Windows 10 Mobile Action Center, there are several other features that can level up your battery juice level if you go into "All Settings," 

If you swipe down to open the Action Center, then "All Settings," then you will gain access to Windows 10 Mobile's searchable control panel, which will, of course, allow you to disable even more features and extend your battery life. Some of the things you can search for and disable are:

NFC, Brightness, and adjust the settings to meet your needs (automatic/adaptive brightness works for me). Naturally, a lower brightness will yield battery gains. Some devices have a tap-to-wake feature, but I'd disable it too by searching "Double tap." 

Lumia phones have an always-on glance screen, which is a feature that lets you set a particular image or information that will always display when your phone is charging or idle. Now this feature might be cool and all but you may consider disabling it by searching for "glance."  Because disabling any or all of these features will help lower power consumption further.

Use The In-built Battery Saver Feature

Similar to Windows 10 PC is another feature in Windows 10 mobile that operates similarly to Windows 10 PCs and it is called Battery Saver. Enabling this feature will automatically lock the brightness at a lower power level, and disable background activity for all compatible apps across the OS.

However, some apps like Kik, which was designed for older versions of  Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 or older,  may ignore Windows 10's Battery Saver feature. And as a result might still be operational and may still drain your battery. The only proven way to get around this is to disable their background tasks or notifications.

You can also monitor the battery usage statistics of apps by opening the "Battery usage by app", and to do that, long press the Battery Saver from the Action Center. And if the apps using your battery are by any chance not useful to you, then disable them at will.

Miscellaneous tips For  Battery Saving in Windows 10 Mobile

We have talked about saving a few battery juice by exploring and using some of the inbuilt features in Windows 10, now is time to discuss some activities and practices that can help you save even more battery power while using your Windows 10 mobile phone, and they are;
Miscellaneous tips For Battery Saving in Windows 10 Mobile

1.    Make sure you close/exit an app after each use. You can close or exit an app by holding the back button, then tapping the "X" on any open apps. 

2.   I'd disable my sounds and notification most times, and it saves me a few juice percentage. So keep your phone on mute if you don't need the sounds on notifications. 

3.   Lower the frequency of incoming email via the "Manage Accounts" menu by tapping the three dots in your Outlook Mail inbox. Once per day isn't such a bad idea, unless your business or work needs you to be checking your emails every 1-6 hours

4.  Try to stick to modern apps built for Windows 10. Using apps that aren't made for Windows 10 might take more battery power to run. Check if the app's description says that it's compatible with Windows Phone 8.x devices or higher before downloading.

5.   I know you love your Facebook and pretty much all your social media account, but apps like Facebook can really gobble up power. If, unlike me, you're particularly popular, consider disabling each social media app's background capabilities and check them manually to save your phone's battery life.

6.   Turn off WiFi if you're taking lots of photos because you don't want to waste your battery power uploading all those photos to OneDrive.

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