Friday, September 29, 2017

How to Send WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Opening WhatsApp

This might sound very impossible to send a WhatsApp audio message without having to open your WhatsApp application, but the truth is that it is very much possible and here you are going to learn how. A few months ago, Google rolled out Google Assistant which is a personalized form of the traditional Google search. But the downside is that the feature in all its awesomeness was only eligible to some selected phones that meets Google minimum requirements. 
Send WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Opening WhatsApp
As time went by, we found out a way for everybody to have Google Assistant enabled in every Android smartphone, and even iPhones weren't left out. Now the feature is up and running but unfortunately many users have little idea of how much potential Google has packed in Google Assistant and the truth is that you can so many things with your Google Assistant, and it all starts with OK Google.

Now, talking about sending WhatsApp voice message without opening your WhatsApp application, it is quite simple really. Though I just recently started using it, I am already getting addicted to it because it saves me lots of time, energy and minimizes typographical errors.

To Send WhatsApp Voice Messages Without Opening WhatsApp, all you need is to have Google Assistant enabled on your phone and then Just say, “OK Google, send a voice message,”, followed by the name of the contact you want to message. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to record your message. When you are done, just say “OK Google, send,” and then the voice message will be on its way.

How cool is that? This trick actually makes voice messaging a lot more useful since it really cuts down on all the taps and swipes you’d typically need to get to a WhatsApp conversation to send anything. Finally, if you know any other cool WhatsApp hacks like this one that will come in handy, do Let us know in the comments. 

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