Be Informed And Earn: Samsung Galaxy Note8 Failed Facial Recognition Test, Can Easily Be Fooled By A Photo

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Failed Facial Recognition Test, Can Easily Be Fooled By A Photo

Samsung Galaxy Note8 is quite a piece of device if you ask me, but I really do not care how awesome the phone is. Neither do I care about the premium looks of the device. As a matter of fact, I'd say that it'll be a waste of time to buy the phone that features such great features but flawed in terms of security.
Galaxy Note8 Facial Recognition Test failure

Before Galaxy Note8 was launched, the concept of facial unlock has been in use, and there have been no issues reported by users that their phones were mocked and unlocked by any other face beside theirs. But this news you'll surprise you to know that the Almighty Galaxy Note8 flawed when tested.

In a video shared by a YouTube user/developer, it was observed that the facial recognition system of the said device is so vulnerable that you can use a selfie from another device to easily unlock the mobile. Further testing was carried out on the same device and it was revealed that one can even use a photo of Facebook, WhatsApp, or any social network to unlock the Galaxy Note8. 

So if by any chance your mobile phone falls into the wrong hands, it can easily be unlocked and your private life might easily go viral because your phone was accessed without your consent and authorization.
In the above video demonstration by a developer well-known as Mel Tajon, you will see a clear demonstration of the South Korean giant Samsung’s failure with Galaxy Note8. In this video, you will also see how Mel Tajon was able to unlock the device, (Galaxy Note 8) with a selfie taken from his own phone, and even using the Facebook profile photos that people posted earlier.

This error proves that the technology of facial recognition of Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is not as safe as we thought. Even though the manufacturer did see the opposite in the demonstration during the launch.

The South Korean giant, Samsung has quietly admitted that Galaxy Note8 facial recognition system isn't very safe, thus they would accept it as a means of verification to use with Samsung Pay.

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