Be Informed And Earn: iPhone 8 and iPhone 8plus Specs, New Features, Release Date and Price

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8plus Specs, New Features, Release Date and Price

It was a special event held yesterday at Apple Park in California, where Apple announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+, along side iPhone X. According to what Apple revealed, the 2 smartphones according is an updated version of last year's iPhone 7. It was also gathered that they both vary in sizes, as iPhone 8+ is larger than iPhone 8. Here on, is everything you need to know about the newly launched device including the release date, review of its specs, price and new features.
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==>>  iPhone 8 is a 4./ 5.5inch display smartphone just like most iPhones since 2014's iPhone 6.

==>>  Both phones will have a true tone display and will be powered by the A11 Bionic CPU, a six-core processor that Apple claims to be 25% faster than the A10 found in the iPhone 7.

==>>  The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are both glass phones just like the iPhone X

==>>  Both models (iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+) are available in 3 colours space grey, silver and gold.

==>>  Both phones have great cameras but only the iPhone 8+ will feature a dual camera lens (12Mp). It can deliver faster auto focus, and hardware based multi-band noise reduction to help even the most amateur of photographers get decent snaps.
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==>>  The sensor in the iPhone 8 is 12Mp and is larger and faster than previous generations. Optical image stabilisation.

==>>  iPhone 8+ has a new feature called Portrait Lighting, which adds to the Portrait Mode that Apple has improved with software over the previous year.

==>>  Just like the iPhone X, the new duo iPhones will support wireless charging, but Apple didn't comment on the battery life capacity. So it is safe to say that it might be with the same capacity as that of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7+

==>>  As it was rumoured earlier, both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+ will have Argumented reality. Both iPhone 8 models are capable of running software developed using Argumented Reality Kit, and the will handle motion tracking to aid with this relatively new foray into the world of AR.

The price of iPhone 8 and iPhone

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is definitely higher than that of iPhone 7 and will be available in 2 variants. The prices will start from £699 for 64GB storage, and £849 for 256GB variant. While the 
iPhone 8 Plus will start at £799 for 64GB and £949 for the 256GB variant.

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