Monday, September 18, 2017

How To Easily Download Any YouTube Video Using VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a really great and popular media playing software that has been around for nearly or more than a decade now. The software has many hidden features which most users are oblivious about. Today I am going to show you how you can download that favourite Yotube video(s) of yours straight to your PC using VLC Media Player. 
How to download Yotube videos using VLC media Player
This tutorial was written using Windows 10 PC, so if you're using a different OS like Mac or Linux, the menus and options might not exactly be the same as the ones used in this tutorial, but they are basically the same, though the appearance and options may slightly differ.

Step 1    Open your VLC Media Player installed on your computer, or you download from the official website. The software comes free in 2 versions, The installer version, and The Portable version.

Step 2.    Open the Youtube video you wish to download and copy the video link, Youtube video link mostly look like this:, so get the link to the particular video you wish to download.

Step 3.    Now Open your VLC Media player, go to the File menu and select Open Capture Device

Step 4.    When you click on Open Capture Device, a new window will open, then from the list of tabs, select the Network Tab.

How to download YouTube videos with VLC media player

Step 5.    Now paste the link to the Youtube video you copied earlier in the space provided, then click on play.

Step 6.    Once the video starts playing, click on Codec Information which is the 4th option found under the Tools Menu.


Step 7.    The codec Information will display the details of the video that is being played in VLC Media Player, then scroll down to Location, and copy the link you will see there, (That's your download link to the video).


Step 8.    Now open your web browser and paste the link you copied go, this will show you the download dialog options for the video, simply click on the Save button.

And that is How To Easily Download Any YouTube Video Using VLC Media Player. Let me know wherever you get confused and I will assist you asap. Have a good day ahead

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