Sunday, September 24, 2017

How to Download Over 60gb Files With Techvillz Anonytun VPN Using 9Mobile Free Night Browsing

Some weeks ago, I posted about using 9mobile YouTube plan of ₦400 to download unlimitedly, but it turned out that 9mobile does something to the plan once a user makes use of 2gb data, but as of now I have found a way around it and users can now use more data and be paying less. As you know, 9mobile Nigeria is giving free YouTube streaming to every customer that buys any of the available 9mobile data plans and this free YouTube streaming can be done from 1am to 5am. But with a little logic, you can use say the 500 that give 500mb and download 2gb worth of files each night for 30days. All you need to do is to download and properly configure Techvillz AnonyTun VPN with the settings below.

1.   Dial *244*1# to migrate to the 9mobile More Cliq 2.0 

2.   Dial *200# and select option 3 then option 1 to buy any of 9mobile data plan. In this case, I prefer the 500 for 500mb plan.

3.   Download Techvillz Anonytun VPN and then configure with the following
==>>   Tap on CONFIGURATION 

==>>   Turn on Stealth Tunnel

==>>   Change Connection Protocol to HTTP

==>>   Port will be 8080 by default but you will have to change it to 8081

==>>   Turn on PAYLOAD (Custom TCP/HTTP Headers)

Now go to EDIT PAYLOAD (Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers) and configure it using the settings below
Techvillz Anonytun VPN


Request method: POST

Injection method: Normal
✓   Tick User-Agent

✓   Tick Keep-Alive
Techvillz Anonytun VPN

Then leave other boxes un-ticked, then Click on GENERATE first, then Save. 

Finally, go back to the app's home screen and tap on TECHVILLZ wait a few seconds for AnonyTun to connect.
Techvillz Anonytun VPN

Now, the trick is that you can use your normal data to browse, chat and download in the daytime, but once it is 1am, open your Techvillz Anonytun VPN, on your data connect and download as much as you want till you reach the 2gb data cap. Then wait for the next 24hours to continue.

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