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How to Download Movie Subtitles on Linux Machine

Windows OS is loved and used by many because of its simplicity and graphical user interface. Anybody can simply boot up a windows PC and start making use of it like they own it. But I wouldn't say the same for computers that are running on Linux, because you almost need to pull up commands prompts to get anything done. Unless some of these Linux Distro like Solus 3 that are a now made a bit GUI to help users navigate the system at ease. Several computer operations which can easy be done easily on Windows PC just by moving your mouse pointer a few times can't be done the same way in Linux, like installing software packages, running office programs, downloading movie subtitles, etc.
How to Download Movie Subtitles on Linux Machine
And in the case of movie subtitles, I am sure that there are other users who love to enjoy their movies with their subtitles on. But because they are on Linux machines, might find that a bit challenging to do. But thanks to a few Linux packages, plugins and of cos the command terminal, you can now easily download any movie subtitle while enjoying your bluray HD movie on a Unix machine. All you have to do is to follow these guides.

There are several methods of getting the subtitles of any movie on Linux, but I will be sharing the 3 easiest methods that have been working for me without stress, and the are by using SubDownloader, VLSub and Subtitle Finder Plugins for VLC and Subliminal and I will be taking them one after the other.

1.   SubDownloader

Most movie lover must be familiar with a subtitles website known as, well, SubDownloader uses some technique to look up on subtitles OpenSubtitles. Once the movie is on, the SubDownloader uses the file name of the movie you are watching to look up for subtitles on OpenSubtitles. Users will be prompted to download the subtitles if it is available, and then the subtitles will automatically appear once the download is complete.

2.   VLSub/Subtitle Finder Plugins for VLC

This is my favourite and easiest way of Downloading Movie Subtitles on Linux Machine, because VLC comes pre-installed in Kali Linux, so there isn't need for downloading the package again. All I do is to open the movie I wish to watch, then go to View Menu drop-down, and locate the last option which is VLsub. 
Download Movie Subtitles on Linux with VLC

Once you click on it, the subtitles finder will automatically search the internet for the subtitles of the movie you are watching. But you will have to make sure that the movie file name is properly and correctly saved.

3.   Subliminal

As the name sounds, it simply implies Subtitle Terminal, meaning that this method uses the command terminal in Linux to look up for movie subtitles and download them. This method can be used to search and download movie subtitle files from subtitle providers like Addic7ed, BierDopje, OpenSubtitles, SubsWiki, Subtitles, TheSubDB, etc.

To use Subliminal, pull up your command terminal an then type in the following commands “sudo apt-get install subliminal.” Then run up the subliminal from the folder where all your movies are placed, and it will automatically get you the hashes of the video files (remember that the movie file names must be properly and correctly saved).
Download Movie Subtitles on Linux with Subliminal

After that use up the command given below to download the movie subtitle : “subliminal -1 en movie_name.mp4”. Eg, “subliminal -1 en Arrow Se01.mp4” with Arrow season 1 being the movie subtitles I'd like to download. This trigger a search for the subtitles of that particular movie, and then after that, you would certainly get up the subtitles for your particular movie.

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