Wednesday, September 20, 2017

GNOME Partners With Purism To Help Build Librem 5 “Free And Open” Smartphone

This is indeed a good news, and probably the best news I've heard all day. Thanks to Gnome, Librem 5 Privacy, FOSS Smartphone may be here soonest than we expect as. This development came barely 1 week that KDE had announced their partnership with a privacy-focused hardware maker Purism to help them build the “world’s first free and open smartphone” Librem 5.
GNOME Partners With Purism To Help Build  Librem 5 “Free And Open” Smartphone
The partnership came to light in an announcement post made by the GNOME foundation saying that they’ll be providing their endorsement and support to Purism, so as to enable them to build the Librem 5. Purism is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for Librem 5 smartphone, which has already secured about half a million dollars.

Librem 5, will be an open source smartphone that will focus heavily on security and privacy with the help of end-to-end encryption for calling, email, and messaging, etc. The device will ship in a 5″ form factor with high-resolution screen.

This is indeed the best news I've heard all day, and I am so excited to see how things are turning out for Purism and Librem 5.

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