Be Informed And Earn: How to Download Browse and Unlimited With Office VPN on 9mobile

Thursday, September 28, 2017

How to Download Browse and Unlimited With Office VPN on 9mobile

Some of really enjoyed browsing and downloading with Techvillz Anonytun VPN Using 9Mobile Free Night Browsing, while some were doubting Thomas and were unfortunate to try them for the first time on the same night it was blocked. It happened that 9mobile has limited the free YouTube streaming to only customers that purchase their data plan of 1gb and above. And have reduced the YouTube streaming to be capped at 500mb instead of the initial 2gb. However, another free browsing and download Office VPN on 9mobile has surfaced and if you're fast enough, you will enjoy while it lasts. To browse and download Unlimited on 9mobile With Office VPN, kindly follow these simple steps.
9mobile unlimited download with Office VPN 2017

1.   Open your Google PlayStore and download Office VPN. Or you can make a Google search of Office VPN.apk and download from an external source.

2.   If you don't have UC Mini web browser already, then download it from Google PlayStore. Or you can make a Google search of UC MIni.apk and download from an external source.

3.   Now Open the Office VPN you downloaded and tap on “Proxy Settings” which is located on the right-hand side.

4.   Enable “App Proxy” and you will see a list of apps that can have their connection encrypted via Office VPN.

5.   Tap on the “Plus Sign to open a list of your app, then from the list of available apps, look for the UC Mini and add it. 

6.   Save your settings and go back to the Office VPN welcome screen and “tap on GO” to connect.

Make sure that that your 9mobile line does not have any airtime or active data in it. And if you receive a notification that you have exceeded your Office VPN time, simply clear the app data and restart the whole process to continue enjoying 9mobile free Browsing and Unlimited With Office VPN 2017.

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