Be Informed And Earn: Top 10 Things You do With Your Android Phone That Drains Your Battery Faster

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Top 10 Things You do With Your Android Phone That Drains Your Battery Faster

Battery issue is one of the dilemmas faced by smartphone users, even after having all sorts of auxillary power source like generator, or powerbank, the hunger for using their phones without them worrying whenever their phone battery will go off doesn't see to me quenched. Now your phone maybe in prestine condition as it were when you bought it, but the performance isn't satisfactory anymore. 
Top Android battery draining apps
So in this article I am going to show you several things you have been doing with your phone that makes your phone battery to drain fast and probably your mobile data to drain faster. If your phone or tablet battery constantly reduced to a sliver of red on the screen because it easily gets low, you might be intrested to know that a new research has found the worst performance-draining apps on Android devices, and Facebook is the biggest  culprit.

Top 10 Performance-Draining Apps

👉    Facebook

👉    Path

👉    9GAG Funny Pics & Videos

👉    Instagram

👉    Spotify Music

Top 10 Battery Drainers -- Run at Start Up

👉    AllShareCast Dongle S/W Update (Samsung)

👉    ChatON Voice & Video Chat (Samsung)

👉    Beaming Service for Beep'n'Go (Moheam)

👉    MagicApp: Free Calls (magiclack VocalTec)

👉    Samsung WatchON Tablets

👉    Facebook

👉    PPS for Mobile

👉    Vault-Hide SMS Pics & Videos

👉    Al-Moazin Lite Prayer Times

Top 10 Storage Space Eaters

👉    NY Times -- Breaking News

👉    Tango Messenger Video & Calls

👉    Spotify Music

👉    Facebook

👉    Chrome Browser

👉    9GAG Funny pics & videos

👉    Instagram

👉    LINE camera -- Selfie & Collage

👉    Vine

👉    Talking Angela

Top 10 Battery-Draining Game Apps

👉    Puzzle & Dragons (GungHo Online Entertainment)

👉    Hay Day (Supercell)

👉    Candy Crush Saga (King)

👉    Minecraft -- Pocket Edition (Mojang)

👉    Cookie Jam (SGN)

👉    Pet Rescue Saga (King)

👉    Clash of Clans (Supercell)

👉    Bubble Witch 2 Saga (King)

👉    Farm Heroes Saga (King)

👉    Angry Birds (Rovio Mobile)

For most smartphone and internet users,social networking seem to be consuming most/every spare moment of our lives. And the Android app of the world's most famous social networkingwebsite is chewing up our mobiles too. But let's not be quick to go all jufge, jury and executioner on Facebook. A raft of other social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, etc, games and even buch of bloatware are consuming more processing power, battery life and probably mobile data than many of us realise.

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