Thursday, August 10, 2017

Top 5 Website To Learn Photoshop For Free and Paid

I have ventured into several aspects of information technology, trying to learn on daily basis, new things I can do with my PC both online and offline. But of all these ventures, making designs and photoshopping is the one that I found most challenging. Especially if you have to conceptualize and make the designs by yourself. Even programming that I have been thinking to be like rocket science, turned out to be quite easy. And with the help of Syntax DB, which is basically a search engine for programmers, the task became somewhat easier than I had anticipated. And now my desire to learn graphics and design led me to know about several websites that teach Photoshop. They offer both paid and free courses, and here are my top 5
Top 5 Website To Learn Photoshop For Free and Paid

1., founded in 1995, is an American online education company that offers thousands of tutorial video courses in software, creative, and business skills.  the company produces video tutorials taught by industry experts. Their Photoshop section houses over 450 unique tutorials which you can learn at your own pace. So if you wish to learn to photoshop online, visit Photoshop page and get started

2.    Adobe PhotoShop Tutorials

It is a very common thing to have Adobe in mind anytime someone mentions photoshop. But Photoshop is one of the reference names in the segment of image editing software and Adobe is, without a doubt, the leading company in that area. I have reasons to believe that nobody knows Photoshop more than Adobe, and they do share those tutorials on their Photoshop help page. 

The best part of these tutorials is that they are handled by their original authors, so whether you are a newbie, or you a pro looking to expand your knowledge Adobe Photoshop Tutorials is your best bet.

3.    Spoon Graphics

Truthfully I have not used Soon graphics, but it comes highly recommended from people I respect when it comes to Photoshop designs. The cons of this tutorial website are that it is not frequently updated unlike its contemporaries, but each tutorial is unique and full-featured. 

4.    Tuts Plus

This website offers incredibly in-depth tutorials on Photoshop. You can do well to visit the Photoshop tutorial section that offers over 2,500 excellent Photoshop tutorials free of charge.

5.    Photoshop Cafe

For the novice(s) who wants to venture into Photoshopping, then this website is your best bet. They offer kindergarten tutorials on Photoshop lessons that are easy to learn. One of the things I love about using Photoshop cafe is that they keep their tutorials simple and direct, thus making it easier for you to understand.

So these are the top 5 websites where you can learn any Photoshop tutorial online free and paid.

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