Be Informed And Earn: Things Galaxy Note8 Can do That Your iPhone 7 Can't

Monday, August 28, 2017

Things Galaxy Note8 Can do That Your iPhone 7 Can't

You'd agree with me that Samsung and Apple are always in this never-ending competition, followers of these top two brands continue to stay loyal. But the din over ?who's better' never dies down. And there is no doubt, now South Korean tech giant has unveiled the Galaxy Note8 to the rest of the world, that it's just a matter of time before Apple will clap back and reveal their new line of iPhones.

Things Galaxy Note8 Stylus Pen

Now don't get me wrong, iPhone and Samsung are both great devices from great companies. And each of them has their unique pros and cons. But in this article, we will be voting in the favour of Samsung and will be sharing with you some advantages and feature of the Galaxy Note8 which the new high-end smartphone, takes to supersede iPhone. And they are;

A Stylus

It is true that iPhones have and support several third-party stylus, but the Samsung Galaxy Note8 has its own self-manufactured and dedicated stylus pen. And you can also doodle with your new Samsung stylus pen

More Memory Capacity

The iPhone 7 comes with a maximum of 256GB while the Samsung Galaxy Note8 comes with only 64GB. The kicker, however, is that the Note8 can be expanded with an extra 256GB which brings the total memory capacity to 320GB.

Things Galaxy Note8 wireless charging

Wireless charging

There have been so many rumored specs of the upcoming iPhone 8, including the ability to virtually guide users via Augmented Reality. But until the iPhone 8 is released and we see any of those features first hand, Samsung's Galaxy Note8 takes the win on this one regarding wireless charging.

You can Unlock your Galaxy Note8 Just by Staring at it

Yep, that sounds too good to be true? or even funny maybe, but it is real at it gets. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 iris scanner lets users unlock their phone by mere staring at it. However, there is still an option to unlock the Note8 with a fingerprint or passcode, but the iris scanner is a lot easier, faster and more secure.

DeX dock Lets You Turn Your Note8 Into a Desktop Computer.

With iPhone, users can mirror their iPhone's screen to a monitor or television, but you can't connect it to a keyboard and mouse. But with Samsung DeXdock, you can to a standard keyboard, mouse, and monitor and run a special desktop version of Android.

Other advantageous features of the Galaxy Note8 over iPhone includes

✔    Its large screen lets users run two apps at once.
✔    You can adjust the blur effect on portrait photos before or after you take the shot.
✔    Both the back camera lenses on the Note8 have optical image stabilization. Unlike that of the iPhone which has only 1.

These are some features of the new Galaxy Note8 which make me choose the new smartphone over Apple's iPhone. Which of these features of Galaxy Note8 did you find more interesting?

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  1. The wireless charging part and the iris scanner feature are both wow

  2. Who wouldn't want to unlock his or he phone in a stylish manner?

  3. turns out that the secured facial unlock wasn't so secured..

    Thats a big blow for smasung if you ask me


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