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Solus 3, Another Linux Distro For Beginners, Released With New Features

I have been getting several emails from readers who would like to venture in Linux, users who would like to do more with their PC beyond the use of Microsoft Windows. Well, the truth is that there are several Linux Distros out there every Linux newbie or aspirant could try, (thanks to Linux's open source nature), and Ubuntu seems to be the best. This is due to the fact that that it is one of the foremost Linux Distro, it has more users and its tutorials can easily be found online. But in any case where you're unable to get Ubuntu, then allow me to introduce another Linux Distro for beginners which is Solus 3.
Solus 3 Linux Distro Released With New Features, Solus 3 Linux Distro download links
A couple of years ago, (late 2015) if I am correct, Solus Linux distro witnessed its first stable release. And since then, its number of loyal followers and users has been on the increase. And I have reasons to believe that this increase in the number of users and over the past 2 years is because of its beautiful looks, impressive out-of-the-box experience, and beginner-friendly nature. A year later after that debut stable release, Solus project announced that they will be turning Solus Linux distro into rolling releases and they have kept that promise ever since. As a result of that, we can enjoy Solus 3, after the first and second release in previous years.

Solus Project recently announced the release of the 3rd release of their Linux Distro in an announcement post released yesterday, and it comes with lots of performance improvements and new features which include:

1.    Support for Snaps

Snaps in Linux is Canonical's developed package management system for Linux. It allows Linux users to easily install packages in their machines without stress. It also gives developers the ability to share the latest version of their apps with their users as soon as they are ready.

This feature in Linux called Snaps has been absent in the previous versions of Solus Linux Distro until now. With Snaps, developers can easily make apps and packages for any Linux distro with ease. And Solus users can easily get and install those packages without a developer making that package specifically for them.

2.    More Hardware Support and Improvement

I have never seen any new Linux Distro release that doesn't expand its support for hardware and making improvements to the already supported ones and Solus project wouldn't be the first.

With this new release which is based on the latest stable Linux kernel branch, (Linux kernel 4.12.7), there is definitely some hardware improvements for AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. Also, AppArmor LSM has been enabled by default to provide snapd confining functionality, and Mesa has been upgraded to 17.1.6.

3.    Improved Versions of Default Applications

All Solus 3 versions come with the latest versions of Firefox, LibreOffice, Rhythmbox and Thunderbird. Also, Solus Budgie now ships GNOME MPV 0.12 and MATE ships with VLC 2.2.6.

4.    Improved Default Desktop (Budgie)

Budgie which is the default desktop environment of Solus Linux distro is also seen in the new Solus 3 with some improvements. It ships with the new Budgie 10.x series, (Budgie 10.4). It ships with Adapt GTK Theme, Papirus Icon Theme, and Noto Sans font. The primary panel has been moved from top to the bottom of the display.

5.    New Night-Light Applet

Solus 3 default desktop environment which is Budgie now comes with a new Night Light applet that helps users to reduce eye strain by taking care of display’s blue light.

6.    Alt+Tab Switcher

The Alt+Tab is the combination of the Alt button and the Tab button on the keyboard which is used to switch between on-going applications. So in this release of Budgie, the alt+tab switcher will now prefer the theme icon instead of the X11 icon where possible. Shift+Alt+Tab support has also been implemented, enabling you to go backward in the Alt+Tab dialog.

The new edition of Solus 3 with all its new edition can be seen in the new announcement blog post.

To download any of the Solus which are Solus Budgie, Solus GNOME and Solus MATE, just visit Solus Linux Download page. But before you do that, you have to make sure that your machine meets these minimum requirements which are:

✔    Minimum of 10GB of hard disk space

✔    2GB of RAM for an optimal experience.

✔    A 64-bit (x86_64) processor.

So that is all about the new Solus 3 Linux Distro which was released and its new features. With its Torrents & ISO Files download link and files.

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