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How to Recharge and Pay For Your NEPA/PHCN Prepaid Meter in Less Than 10Mins

There are talks that you can now apply for your national drivers license online and have it ready on or before 48-72 hours. But I have no solid confirmation about that, but what I am quite positive about is that you can check if your National ID card is ready by following this guide here. And not only that, I have a good news to tell you that your days of staying in a queue and waiting for the cashier to attend to you while you are attempting to make payments for your electricity bills because, in a lay Nigerian man's term, you can now pay for NEPA bill online.
The best part I love about this is that it will also create an avenue of income for some people who own a certain size of business. You can learn how to do this, and render it as a service to others & add your own little gain. I am positive that nobody would choose to stand in line for hours, waiting to be attended. To give you an extra cash just for you to help them pay for their electricity bills faster and have their light restored.

I am sure that most homes and flat in Nigeria now use this prepaid meters so this will come in very handy if your own and use a prepaid meter. All you need to make sure is that you meet these minimum requirements which are

✔    Your ATM Card

✔    A PC or Smartphone

✔    Then an active internet data connection

If you have all these, then proceed to and then click on Get Started

Once you click on the get started button, you will be presented with the various electricity distribution companies in the country which are
1.    PortHacourt Electricity Distribution Company

2.    Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company

3.    Benin Electricity Distribution Company

4.    Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company

5.    Eko Electricity Distribution Company

6.    Yola Electricity Distribution Company

7.    Jos Electricity Distribution Company

8.    Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company

9.    Enugu Electricity Distribution Company

10.    Kano Electricity Distribution Company

11.    Abuja Electricity Distribution Company.

Now once you select on your desired Electricity Distribution Company, you will be presented with space where you will input your Account Details such as

✔    Account/Meter Number
✔    Payer's Full Name
✔    Your Email Address
✔    Your Phone Number 
✔    And the Amount you wish to credit your meter with

Once you've done all these, click on the Continue button and then you will be asked to input your ATM card details which are 

✔    Your 16-digit card number

✔    Date of year and validity of your ATM Card

✔    And CVV number which is a 3-digit number that is located at the back of your ATM card.

After a successful payment, your 20-digit meter token will be sent to the phone number you provided. Then all you have to do now is to enter the 20-digit token you received into your prepaid meter followed by the (hash #) key and your prepaid meter will be credited with the exact amount you paid for.

And that is all about how to pay your electricity bills, or how to pay for NEPA bill online online. With this, you do not have to wait long hours in queue and you can do this from the very comfort of your home. The best part is that there are no hidden or extra charges. But the sad part is that as of the time of publishing this article, Enugu, Abuja, Kano, Eko, Yola and Benin Electricity Distribution Companies are not available yet on the website. But I do hope that the available ones do help.

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