Be Informed And Earn: How to Get And Use 9Mobile Free 60MB

Saturday, August 19, 2017

How to Get And Use 9Mobile Free 60MB

9mobile has been rocking freely for the past days, I didn't update it sooner because of my busy schedule so I apologize for that. But without taking much time, let us quickly get into the business. All you have to do is to follow these simple guides below and you too can follow me and rock this free data while it lasts. This is another opportunity for those who are still missing out on the ongoing unlimited free browsing and download with GLO, via AnonyTun VPN because of poor service reception. So if 9mobile is fast in your area, follow these simple guides right away.

==>>    Open the app


==>>    Switch Stealth Tunnel to ON

==>>    Then under Connection Protocol, select HTTP

==>>    Connection Port, type in 8081

==>>    Switch Custom TCP/HTTP Headers ON

==>>    Then go to Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers

==>>    Under URL/HOST, input this proxy server

==>>    Then on Request Method, select POST

==>>    Under Injection Method, select Normal

==>>    Select Keep Alive and User Agent under Extra Headers

==>>   When you are through will all the above settings, tap on Generate, then tap on Save to save all your settings

NB: You will have an active 9mobile sim with no active data or airtime in it. Just insert it into any Android phone, download the app, use the above settings to configure the app, on your data connection tap on the CONNECT button and then wait for about 10seconds for it to connect. Once it connects, minimize the app and start browsing free. Unfortunately, you are entitled to use only 60MB every day. But you can get a way around the 60mb data limitation if you have multiple 9mobile sims.

So that is all about how to get and use 9mobile free 60mb. Use the settings above to setup yours, let us know if encounter any challenge(s). And if it works for you, come back and share your testimonies and do share this post with others

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