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Here is How to Sell Your Used iPhone

Apple Inc. which celebrated their 10 years of being in business not long ago will soon unveil their next iPhone by next month. And when that happens, I am positive that there are some persons who would wanna go for it, but would first love to ditch their old iPhones first, hopefully, raise a few cash off it. Or you have this iPhone that you've been using over a year or more now, and you are not ready to upgrade it. So you just going to get a new one. Or you're saturated of your current iPhone and would wanna swap or sell it off, then this article is just for you.
Here is How to Sell Your Used iPhone
Instead of leaving the iPhone to be lying around, selling it is the best option for you, that way, you get a fair return. But the process of selling a used iPhone is long and takes more effort than just trading it in. With these tips I am going to outline in this article, it should help you learn the necessary things you should learn and hopefully make all things to go well. Before embarking on this journey of selling off your old iPhone, there are few things you should do, and they are:

1.    Cleaning Your iPhone Sparkling Clean

Make sure you clean your iPhone and take note of any chips, scratches, or other defects, you also need to be totally honest with its description. Clean off any residue and remove any old sticker you had previously placed on the phone. If you screen protector, temper glass or protective screen on the phone, you neednĂ˝ remove it. Your buyer seeing such on your phone screen will boost your chances of making that sale, as it presents your phone to have been kept in good condition.

You need to appear as aesthetic as possible, and one of the ways to do that is by taking a photo of the phone under good lighting. You might find yourself in a momentary conundrum because you normally rely on your phone’s camera to take photos. But just grab a friend’s phone instead — or a real camera if you’ve got one.

2.     Placing A Price Tag on it

Now you've cleaned your phone and make it look as appealing as possible to your prospective buyers, the next thing to do now is to place a price on it. Before you determine a marketable price for your used iPhone, it is advised to visit websites like, eBay, Craiglist or several subreddits like r/Phoneswap, r/Appleswap, and r/Hardwareswap. At this time, you should consider the physical looks and appearance of your phone, consider the defects in the phone if any. Then, browse around for the going rates of other iPhones in similar conditions as yours, this should give you an idea of your phone’s current fair price.

You will have a good advantage if your phone’s screen is relatively new-looking and clean because it can help you sell your phone for a decent amount. But in some cases, even if the back is full of scratches, some buyers are willing to cover up the defects and scratches with a phone case and still sell out for your phone.

3.    Which Market to use, Which Market to Sell on.

There are several options of online local and international marketplaces where you can sell your used items. seems to be the best option for people that reside in the United States and most locations outside the U.S. The fees and prices vary on your choice of the amount. You also get to decide if you will cover the shipping cost or the buyer will. There is also PayPal protection on Swappa to help guard against scammers. 

eBay, on the other hand, is another great option for an online marketplace to sell your used iPhone. But their significant percentage in transaction fees makes most users run away from using their platform in selling a used item.

Bottom line, make sure that your profit is at least worth more than the transaction fees and the shipping cost combined, otherwise there’s no point in selling your phone.

4.    Final Preparations

Now that you are ready to make that sell, make sure you wipe off your personal data and information, off the iPhone. If possible, perform a hard reset on the phone. Disable Find My iPhone to prevent after-sells headaches for your buyer, you don't want to make him or her to feel like you've given them a fake or worst a stolen item. 

Then when you get matched with a buyer who is willing to sell the exact amount you want or comes close enough to the amount you want, go ahead and make the sale.

You can begin to make the shipping arrangements process once you received your payment. or you both can agree to meet in a public place if the distance is moderate.

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