Be Informed And Earn: Google’s Latest Search Feature is Here to Help People With Depression

Monday, August 28, 2017

Google’s Latest Search Feature is Here to Help People With Depression

Depression... sighs!!!. It is really one of the worse problems that are being faced by humans in our 21st century. It is indeed a very bad state of mind where individuals have to face their worst inner-most doubts and fears. The saddest and painful part is being in that depressed state of mind and not having someone to uphold and give you some moral support. The situation isn't any better if a person is suffering from depression, and then be in denial of it or have no knowledge of their condition.
google clinical depression search feature
Now, luckily for our 21st-century sons and daughter, we now live in a digital, global village where the internet exists and we have access to unlimited types of information. And Google is right in the center of information search for most users, they have unveiled a new feature called Clinical Search.

Sometime last year, Google rolled out a new search feature, they called it “Symptom Search” And it really helped users in finding out information about their existing medical problems. Now, Google has gone another step ahead in making their search features to be better. The mountain view search giant recently rolled out another feature in its search allows users to screen themselves for depression online.

As a result of this new development, a user will now be able to “Check if he or she is clinically depressed” while searching for clinical depression in the smartphone version of Google’s search tool. To get this done, the user will have to take a quiz where they must answer about their own behavior.
Google’s Latest Search Feature is Here to Help People With Depression

According to NAMI, (National Alliance on Mental Illness) clinical depression is a common condition with almost one in five individuals in their youthful or prime stages of life experiencing an episode in their lifetime. However, only 50% of these people get treatment and the help they need.

This new search tool is geared towards helping users to determine the level or state of depression in them, after which they get to decide if they would like to visit or doctor or not. As usual, the clinically depressed search feature as of right now is available only in the United States but it will be soon rolled out to other countries. 

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