Thursday, August 17, 2017

Google Allo is Now Available on Desktop, Here is How to Use it

I must admit, Google is really trying to resurrect Allo and make it one of the favourite chat app for most Android users. But we both know that is almost close to impossible to achieve because WhatsApp has already taken that position. Six months ago when Google first announced that Allo will be getting a desktop client, I didn't know it will take will take this long for that to happen. But at the same time, I'd say the wait is quite ok as I am pleased to inform you that you can now use Google Allo on your desktop PC and here s how to go about it.
google allo desktop

To use Google Allo on your desktop, visit Allo for web and then follow the on-screen prompts which are quite the same as that of WhatsApp. Once you open the link on your PC, you then have to scan the QR code on your screen with your Android phone by 

1.    Open Allo on your Android phone 
2.    Go to Menu Allo for web
3.    Scan the code with your phone.

Google Allo isn't the only instant messaging app that can be used both on mobile and on PC. You can recall that Telegram was one of the first IM to implemented the use and access of their app on a desktop back in October 2014. Then in January 2015, WhatsApp joined the race

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Google Allo is free to download and use app by Google and is available on both Android and iOS, but the desktop client is as of the time of this post, only available for Android users. Support for iPhone will be made available in the future

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