Be Informed And Earn: Five (5) Things You Can Do With Your Phone While on Flight Mode

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Five (5) Things You Can Do With Your Phone While on Flight Mode

Smartphones can be used to perform a variety of tasks especially when it is online and connected to the internet. But when the phone is down or the there is no access to the internet, there are this sense and feeling of boredom we are left with, and the thoughts that there isn't much left we can do with a phone that is in an offline or flight mode. I can understand that many people choose smartphones because there are tons of things we can do with it. Things like order for food and eatable, book a flight, pay for movie tickets, book a hotel reservation etc.
Five (5) Things You Can Do With Your Phone While on Flight Mode

Now I can understand why you would have a feeling that your phone is useless while in offline mode. But really, you can do a whole lot of things while your phone is in an offline state. And here is just a short list of it.

1.    Read Articles

If you are a fellow who likes to read, you can have your books saved in your smartphone's memory and read them anytime you wish. There won't be need of you physically carrying your books around where ever you go. 

On the other hand, Android app like Pocket which can be downloaded from Google Play Store can have the ability to save your favourite books from the internet and read them at a later time without having to download it.

2.    Instant Messaging

You might find this hard to believe, I mean how possible could it be to IM each other while your phone's in Flight mode. But the truth is that we live in an era of technology where almost anything you can think of and imagine is virtually possible.

Chat-apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram etc are still yet to have this feature that lets users to still message each other even with their phones in offline. But there is an app in the Google Play Store called Firechat. It uses your phone's Bluetooth to connect and allow you chat with anyone within 200 feet of your location.

3.    Edit Documents

Most of us know and use Google drive which is a free cloud storage service that is owned by Google. If you have Google Drive Android App installed in your smartphone. You can edit any document with it even when you are not connected to the internet. But the document must first be downloaded before it can be edited offline.

4.    Navigation

Most travelers and tourists make use of Google Map which is navigational guide app from Google. Google maps can be used offline for viewing a particular geographical area even without being online. But you will have to download that area first before it can be viewed offline. This feature comes in very handy when you are visiting an area that has no cellular reception or data network.

5.    Watch YouTube Video

Google's video sharing platform, YouTube, through its Android App lets users watch a particular video even without being online. There are several other apps on Google play store that lets users download or save videos which can be watched at later time even being in offline mode, but most of them require a monthly plan/subscription

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So before you get on that train or flight which guaranteed to get bored along the way, just download any of the files and documents you need prior the trip. And know that you can always use your phone to do many things even when it is in an offline state. And the great part is that there are tons of ways and things to do.

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