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Features of Android O (8.0) That Makes Use of Smartphones Easy

It is known to every Android lover out there that Google's next version of their mobile OS will be named Android O (O for Oreo). This, of course, follows Google's long tradition of naming their mobile OSes alphabetically, following the names of different foods and desert. Almost 1 year after Android 7.0 made its way to Android One devices, mountain view tech giants are set to make an official release their next Android version which we believe will be called Android Oreo. The developer's preview was released some months back and it was filled with lots of cool new features, but in case you missed that, here is a complete rundown of the features of Android O that we know so far.
Android 8.0 features

1.   Faster Android

Google did a pretty good work in optimizing the Android OS and now it is lighter and faster. According to the tests of Android O that was conducted on Google Pixel, it was observed that Android O is almost two times faster than Android 7.0 Nougat when the time taken for booting was compared.

2.   Fewer Background Apps and Processes

Besides a faster loading and booting time, Android O now has a cap on the number of background processes. This in return lifts off extra burden on the system from the apps that are the least interest to the users.

3.   You can Use an App Without Installing it

With Google's next Android version, users will have the opportunity to use almost every Android app of their choice without having to install that app on their phones. This feature is called Google Instant Apps, and fortunately, it extends to both Marshmallow (Android 6.0) and Nougat (Android 7.0) users.

4.    Google Play Protect

With the recent increase in the number of apps in Google Play Store that were seen crawling with malware, Google has taken several precautionary methods to mitigate the situation and Play Protect is one of the ways to make that happen.

What is Play Protect?
It is a tool that is meant to enhance the protection security and decrease the vulnerability of Android smartphones and tablets. It scans the Android system for malicious apps and issues alerts. Play Protect can even remove the app in critical situations.

5.   More Security Monitoring for Apps

In previous versions of Android, a user can install apps from an external source other than Google Play Store, and grant a one time access via your phone settings for that app to install. But now in Android O, apps from external sources are monitored frequently. And also, you will have to grant permission to the particular app that is attempting to download the untrusted APK. For example, the web browser app.

6.   New Emojis and Fonts

You'd agree with me that emojis animates communication. It makes the chat or texting to be delightful and interesting especially if they are being used by a user that knows how to use them.

In Android O, Google released whole lots of fonts and emojis, and the best part is that they are downloadable. This will ease jobs for programmers who tries as much as possible to make these fonts and emojis available in different apps.

When Will my Phone Get Android 8.0 Oreo Update?

The sad part is that only about 4-8 models of smartphones in the whole world are eligible to get Android 8.0 Oreo update. As a matter of fact, users may have to wait for about 6months to 1year before their phones could be eligible for an upgrade to Android 8.0. However, Google, through Project Trebble, is working to make the upgrade faster by reducing the number of steps required by chip makers and OEMs to process a build.

Google has also partnered with top smartphone manufacturing companies like Samsung, HTC, HMD Global, Motorola, Sony, etc. to bring Android 8.0 to devices by the end of this year, either to their existing smartphones or as an upgrade on new devices. Check out this article here for more of Google's Android 8.0 features.

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